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I groaned as I rolled awake in an unfamiliar smelling room. It wasn't a bad smell at all, just different. It's funny how your sense work all out of whack when you refuse to open your eyes. My fingers were touching the sheets to make sure there was no male presence next to me. I couldn't remember hardly anything. I felt like someone had kicked me in the face. 

I sat up. I opened my eyes. It was an empty room, but as I looked around I could immediately tell it was a man's room. There was nothing girly at all aside from my own bag and shoes which lay on the floor just next to wear I was on the bed. Now, this may be anal retentive of me, but I prepare myself for situations such as these. 

Well, I didn't exactly expect to not remember a thing that happened to me last night. In fact, it fuckking freaked me out. However, I was thoroughly prepared for the one night stand. I had a toothbrush and change of clothes in my monster of a bag. I went to work making myself look less like I had 'WALK OF SHAME' written all over my forehead. Happily I found there was no man lurking around the apartment. I even helped myself to some coffee. 

I stood in my most comfortable attire, taking a leisurely sip of my stolen coffe when the door swung open. I looked up, expecting some random guy. But it was Ben. 

"Ben?!" I practically screamed. 

He dropped a bag of groceries. "What?!" 

"D-Did I sleep with you last night?" I demanded, in shock. 

"Uh.. No," he replied, getting a hold of himself now and picking up the bag. He tucked an escapee apple inside as he tossed it on the counter where I stood, gripping my chest. I was baffled. I was confused. "Some jerk tried to rufie you," he shrugged, like it was old news. "So I took you home. I didn't know where you lived so I figured.. might as well keep you off the streets." 

That comment sounded awfully close to comparing me to a stray dog, but I ignored any impulse to mention that. I was speechless. He was glancing at me now. 

"You changed.. It's no wonder you get practically ra.ped," he said critically. "You're dress like you're in high school." 

"I'm 18," I said defensively though I wasn't too sure it made sense. 

It was his turn to be baffled. "What!"

I blinked. "What?"

"You're joking me," he groaned, then he turned and laughed sickly to himself like this was all one big trick played on him by God. "Christ, I've been after an 18 year old for the past week. Fuckking joking me. No wonder you're so immature.." 

He put a hand to his head. Meanwhile my hands were on my hips. 

"Yeah, a real knight in shining armor, you are!" I scoffed at me. "I'd love to be mocked but thanks I already have a brother." 

I grabbed my bag and began a stomp for the door. 

"No.. No... wait," he sighed. "I'm sorry... I barely know you I shouldn't.. make judgements about you. Can we just--" It seemed like the next words would pain him. "-- go on a date together already?"

"What?" I snapped. 

"You owe me," he reminded me. 

"Fine," I uttered through gritted teeth. "One condition." 


"We'll make it a double." 

He groaned. "Alright, alright..." He continued to babble to himself, "Eighteen fuckking... I'm gonna burn in hel.l for this decision.." 

"I'm literally standing next to you." 

"Wednesday at eight," he smirked at me. 

"Can't wait," I caustically forced a smile.

"Weren't you stomping to the door, Ugg Boots?" he mocked me again. 

As I opened the door, I turned back to glare. Then I slammed it behind me. How's that for immature, jerkface. And these Ugg Boots are goddam.n comfortable.
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