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Name: Rose `Rosie` Weasley
Year: Sixth
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Gryffindor
{ Family: }
- Ron Weasley [ father ]
- Hermione Granger [ mother ]
- Hugo Weasley [ younger brother ]
- Harry Potter [ uncle ]
- Ginny Potter [ aunt ]
- James Potter II [ older cousin ]
- Albus Potter [ cousin; same age ]
- Lily Potter [ younger cousin ]
{{ - - - ♔ - - - }}
Personality: Rosie is something. She has an incurable tendency to get completely lost in the world of books, particularly fairy tales, and be rapped up in it for hours on end. She's a dreamer, through and through, but manages to stay grounded [sometimes] to be a realist- at least for a little bit. She has a talent of always seeing the best in people, even if it's not there through other eyes. She's a hopeless goon when it comes to sappy muggle romances- and having it in common with her grandfather, loves it. She wishes for a real, classic, sweet relationship, like Romeo and Juliet, or The Notebook, or the Titanic, to fall madly in love- like those in the books. Rosie has a talent when it comes to her sharp tongue and fierce nature when she's protecting the people she loves, just as her mother was. She also loves to prove others wrong, and show off her extreme variety in knowledge- another trait of her mother. She is /very/ smart, yes indeed- her parents always say she took her mother's brain, and father's heart- both of their best qualities. And of course, the traditional Weasley flaming red hair. She has a tendency of doing it first, thinking about it later, getting her into a lot of sticky situations- along with her openness to saying whatever she pleases. She manages to speak up for what she believes in- only finding herself scared of two things, one, spiders, just as her father was- and is, and two, her sudden emotions to Scorpius. Yes, those definitely scare her.
{{ - - - ♔ - - - }}
Appearance: Rosie's hair has a range of fiery, vivid red colours: from a rusty auburn, to layers of carmine and chestnut. Her deep-conditioned hair is sleek, lustrous, and thick in rich, lengthy masses, with the soft texture of jacquard red silk. Rosie's wide doe eyes are a nature pallet full of pine greens, azure blues, dashes of mahogany browns, and captivating flecks of gold, surrounded by a thick, abundantly full forest of onyx lashes, framing her wide, innocent eyes. Her prominent cheekbones stand out amongst her freckled face, her peony pink cupid-bow lips cracking constantly from her day excursions hiking, and coming back parched and thirsty. Standing at 5 foot 7, she continues to have physical resemblances with the rest of the Weasley family, this time being her tall, skinny figure. Her skin is a pale porcelain, hiding beneath a layer of scattering freckles dotting in constellation-like patterns across her.
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Favourite Subject: Charms & Care of Magical Creatures.
Quidditch?: Yes, a beater, though she's not extremely good.
Love Interest: She really doesn't understand. Why couldn't it have been Frank? Austin? One of the Scamander twins, even a Slytherin- but why, oh /why/ does she have to feel so drawn to him? To Scorpius Malfoy? To his..wavy blonde hair..to his cold, stormy blue eyes, to his chiseled features, or his..arrogant smile..oh dear. Yes, Rosie's really fallen for him.
Secret: She very much so is drawn to Scorpius- something about him excites her. But she's absolutely /forbidden/ to have anything that's near even friendly terms with him- I mean, they're fathers are both worst enemies. No one knows of her.. feelings.
{{ - - - ♔ - - - }}
Biography: She grew up in a chaotic household, a middle child in a group of cousins, usually the one found in the corner with a stack of books surrounding her like a fort. Her life involved hiking, studying muggles with her grandfather, playing with her cat, and reading. It all changed once she walked into the school. Her social life, her interests, and her views, especially towards the boy she'd grown up thinking was a complete and worthless toad.
Other: She owns two kittens, Vincent & Edith.

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