Double Date contest:

oh god... I'm kind of stupid now, I've just got to know something that made me really uneasy even though it has nothing to do directly with me hahaha xD anywayyyyy......

the date.... since Zsuzsi @nyamnyam stole my idea I decided to change it a little bit (It's still Soohyun and AJ) lol 
so what about a roadtrip? the four of us, music and nothing else... just the road! hahaha sounds boring but I'm sure we'd have tons of fun, Jaeseop would sing one of his own songs for us to listen and Soohyun would surprise all of us with his romantic events and stuff... of course Zsuzsi and him would wear matching outfits (all prepared by him beforehand) and I would be jealous because Jaeseop has no initiative! hahaha, we would end in some kind of open space and have a meal prepared by the guys and just play around, talk, make fun of each other (of course I'd tease Soohyun and Zsuzsi because of their couple outfits) make the guys jealous talking about other guys and I'd fangirl with Zsuzsi over EXO? XD. We'd go back home late at night and Soohyun would let Jaeseop drive so he could cuddle with Zsuzsi and I'd sit in in the front seat and chat with Jaeseop so he doesn't fall asleep while driving! LOL why do I feel Zsuzsi and Soohyun were the only ones having fun in this date? ahahahaha 

sorry for my lack of imagination... it's kinda boring but the point it's... these 2 guys owe us a date for running away from us in Paris! hahahaha

btw I just saw a picture of my beautiful Dongwoon! T_T I can't wait to see him on stage again!
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