they lead me place to place.
i take trips from hip to hip,
in fact I've made a career out of it.

time // cute is what we aim for.

i'm in a bad mood. i don't even know why. it's not because i had a bad day or anything, because today was a lot of fun. i woke up at around 11:30, sat around and eventually showered. sometime before that i invited gillian over for the afternoon. then i warmed up some coffee, and ate a peach. after i watched some good ol' mall cops of america or whatever, she arrived at my house with a plate of brownies. it was funny and wicked awesome. they tasted good. we swam in the pool and tortured barbies. then we drove the barbie van off the diving board and watched it sink. then gillian dove down and grabbed it with her feet, and then i tried to do it and i failed miserably. four times. skill man, skill. then we watched some family feud and eventually went down to bother my six year old neighbour amanda, who wanted us to hold her baby dolls. we noticed a scar on amanda's lip and she said she chewed on an electrical cord. what an idiot. my dad drove gillian home and then him and i picked up some pizza. it was really good. just now my sister and i went outside to go pick some raspberries but then she pissed me off and i went inside to make this. exciting, right? oh well. type 'i chew on electrical wires because i'm a dork' if you read this. (x
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