I love Katy Perry, I liked roar but then this girl sang it at school. She has ruined the song for me. It was so bad Oh God. While writing this i realized I also don't like her song birthday. I just cant. It doesn't work for me. I am sorry Katy Perry fans but I just cant stand these two songs. If some person asks why dent put birthday in your set. My answer to you is that I am lazy and didn't not feel like making two sets. One for birthday the other roar. Nobody got time for dat. On a happier note. I HAVE 1,941 LIKES. 19,612 VIEWS. 219 FOLLOWERS. I FEEL AWESOME!!!!!! I know to people that have bigger numbers then me, not naming any names (@king-of-weird luv u mimi) you laugh at my number but I will get more. I hope. So far this is pretty cool. Thank everybody that has followed me XD

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