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@izc99 (Second part of imagine)

You were so lovestruck from that night with Rocky. You just wanted more and more ROCKY. He was so darn dreamy and you couldn't believe he liked you too.

The last thing that had happened was you woke up the next morning in his arms and he unfortunately had to go to rehearse with R5, but he didn't want to. You kissed each other about 10 times before he left.

Flash forward, a few hours later, you were on your phone and out of the blue, his name popped up on your screen. The butterflies in your stomach quickly multiplied as you slid to answer his call.

You: Heyy you!
Him: Hey baby! I just finished rehearsing, do you wanna go out to eat at Chili's and then maybe for a walk in the park?
You: (surprised) yesss! I'm so bored today, I have literally NOTHING to do! Mariah and Olga (your band mates/best friends) had a St. Mary's reunion to go to, and my mom actually let me stay home when she went shopping with Zulmeria and the sticky kids, so I'm all alone!
Him: Well, go get ready cuz I'm about to give you the best first date ever!!
You: Awww! You're so sweet, I can't take it!
Him: No you are!
You: No you are!
Him: No you are!
(goes on for like five more times)
Rydel: (steals Rocky's phone) you both are, okay?!
You: Heyy Rydel!!
Her: Hey Iz! Oh my gosh, I thought Rocky was crazy about you BEFORE you guys started dating! Now, forget about it!!
You: (feels yourself blushing) Really?!
Her: YES! I swear, he hasn't stopped talking about you. Not for a second. Alright, I'll give ya back to your boo! Talk to you later!!
You: Bye! Talk to you later!
Him: That's my blabbermouth sister for you!
You: (giggles) yeah but you gotta love her!
Him: Well, I'll talk to you later, baby! Sayyy 5-ish?
You: M'kay! Works for me!
Him: Love you sweetie!!
You: Love you too cutie!

After you two reluctantly hung up, you took a shower and freshened yourself up. You made sure you looked your best and then he picked you up at 5. You went to Chili's. You had a super yummy meal together and then shared a milkshake next door at Shake Shack. It was very romantic.

Then you guys went for a walk in a nearby park. You held hands the entire time. He made you laugh til you were practically crying. You then sat on a park bench for a little bit and just talked and talked and talked. You shared secrets with each other that you've never shared with anybody before. It felt good.

He stared into your eyes and said, "Wanna know something?"

You stared back, unable to hide your smile and replied, "Tell me something!"

He squeezed your hand and rubbed your thumb. "You're amazing. You're the only girl who I've ever been able to open up to before, with complete confidence that you'd understand and you wouldn't go tell everyone. You're the only girl I've felt this comfortable with, yet this nervous around, at the same time. You're the only girl I've been with that I've cared this much about. You're the only relationship I've had that I've treasured so greatly. I don't wanna mess it up in any way. We've known each other for so long, and not a day has gone by, that I've thought of you as 'just a friend'. Cuz I think we both knew since day one that there were sparks between us."

You were almost in tears, once again. "I feel the exact same way! And that's the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me!"

You sealed it with a kiss and rested your head on his shoulder for a while, in silence. You slowly drifted to sleep and took a short nap. After you woke up, he stroked your face and said, "Mornin' beautiful!" You poked his cute little dimple and said, "Mornin' gorgeous!" Even though it was 11:00 p.m., it felt like the morning. It was an awesome first date. <333
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