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House of Vegan

House of Vegan

All vegans and OTHERS interested in the vegan lifestyle are welcomed! Show your creativity with animal cruelty free items! Vegan means NO products made out of animals or their "products" ... like: fur, leather, horn, feathers, shells, wool, silk, bee wax,... And of course NO products tested on animals, like perfume, make up, ...

What does this all mean for YOUR SETS?
1. Check out the product information on the original site of the item you want to use!
2. Ask yourself: Are there any little fur pieces on this nice looking jacket? Is the belt, the bag or this nice pair of shoes made out of leather? Maybe it's a cotton bag, but with leather handles! Are the buttons made out of horn? Are the pearls fake? Is the matching eyeshadow tested on animals? Is this soap, candle, ... made out of animal fat? Nice jewelry, but are these shimmering thingies shells?! Be carful with make up.
3. In case of doubt: drop/exclude/omit it. If you are not 100% sure if it is a vegan item, because there is no information (sold out, ...) you can challenge yourself to find an alternative OR if you're almost sure it's vegan: give us a little note that you're 98% sure it's vegan, because you can tell by price/look/tags/title it's not real and just fake.

VEGANISM ... and, erm, what?
- Vegans don't eat animals and their products.
- Vegetarians don't eat meat.
- Pescetarians eat fish / sea-food.
- There are vegetarians who consume milk AND eggs. These vegetarians are called ovo-lacto-vegetarians.
- There are also vegetarians who "only" consume milk/diary products, but not eggs. These are called lacto-vegetarians.
- Vegans strictly avoid any meat and animal products like milk, eggs and honey in their nutrition. Not to forget gelatine, which is made out of bones. Most vegans are living a complete vegan lifestyle. They use vegan cosmetic (no beewax-lipsticks, etc.) and they don't wear animal products (no wool, leather, etc.) and don't have furniture, etc. made out of animals (no leather seatings, like a couch, etc., sport equipment, ...)
Again, you don't have to be a vegan to join this group (this would be silly and how should someone prove this anyway?!), but you MUST FOLLOW the GROUP GUIDELINES!
This said I wish you a ton of fun and inspiration exploring the House of Vegan!! :)

Here are some HELPFUL LINKS:
http://www.olsenhaus.com/home.html (shoes & bags)
http://www.mattandnat.co.uk/ (designer vegan bags!)
http://www.ethicalplanet.com/index.html (link doesn't work anymore. can't find an alternative link)
http://www.ringana.com/scripts/index.dll?pid=&lan=de&cc=1237081499 (Cosmetic - English, French, Italian - they are on the positive list of animal-help-organisations like PeTA, they don't test on animals and support alternative testings.)
http://www.formandfauna.com/about (shoes!)
http://www.veganbasics.com/produkte/ (Here you'll find almost EVERYTHING you need for a vegan lifestyle - food, clothes, books, vegan cat-/dog-food, organic cat litter ... just vegan basics!)
http://www.vautecouture.com/ (very active, animal loving people, really nice clothes, inform yourself about events, etc.)
http://www.veganshoeaddict.com/about (non-leather shoes as well as "eco-leather" shoes - so be carefull)
www.lush.com (lush offers non-vegan AND vegan products like delicious smelling bath-balls, shampoos, lip-balms, etc. They are against animal-testing!)
To be continued ... (Let others know about good sites! PM me!)
I am not responsible or liable for the accuracy or the content of linked pages
Last update: 14th of April 2014 (which doesn't mean, that I wasn't around since ...)

This group wasn't created by me. You could say that I've adopted it. This was the original group information:
"All vegans or others interested in the vegan lifestyle join and showcase your sensibilities. To those in the latter group, it's a good way to challenge yourselves-you'd be surprised at how different "creating" is sans an insane Balenciaga boot or leather Lanvin skirt."

The Vegan/Vegetarian cruelty free fashion luvers

The Vegan/Vegetarian cruelty free fashion luvers

Anyone who is a VEGAN or VEGETARIAN!!!!!! and loves cruelty free fahion and animals!!!! <3

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