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• Full name;; Amelia Azalea West
• Age;; s e v e n t e e n
• Nationality;; full Canadian ♥
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• Personality;; Amelia is more of a sarcastic, easily-annoyed, violent kind of girl. She is very social and will talk to anyone who she crosses paths with, even if it means making an enemy. And if she does make an enemy, Amelia doesn't like losing the fights. She will stop at nothing, being wrong is not her thing at all. This makes amelia a bit of a..word.. at times... Amelia is also a rebel but really all she wants to do is have a bit of fun and live on the edge.
• Bio;; Amelia was raised in the lovely, snowy state of Vancouver in Canada. This allowed her to develop a strong Canadian accent. Amelia was an only child before her mother divorced her dad and married a rich, stuck-up man who had three young boys- two of which were twelve year old twins and the other was a twenty-one year old who is currently living in New Zeleand.
• Appearance [ kaya scodelario ]
Her dark brunette locks, soft red plump lips and eyes often covered with black eyeliner and eye-shadow you would immediately say this girl was a goth one but she isn't exactly. She just has a cold personality. Amelia's hair is naturally curly and she despises how girly it makes her look at times although she's quite used to it.
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• Hobbies / Other;; amelia is into volleyball / dance / reading / horseback riding / cooking. she is also allergic to peppermint and chicken.
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