Rococo Virtuoso
  • ModCloth Vintage Inspired Be Kind, Unwind Notebook
    Record every picturesque detail of the past, envision your adventurous future, or pen a new out-of-this-world plot as you relax with this retro-inspired notebook! Designed to blend into your collections of blockbuster films, this quirky diary boasts the black exterior of a VHS tape with reel-istic details and charcoal lines over its cream pages. Just track down this petite companion when you're feeling inspired, then chill out and consider a a fresh, fun perspective. Vintage Inspired, 90s, Handmade & DIY, Travel, 80s Be Kind, Unwind Notebook in Multi.
  • ModCloth Vintage Inspired, Dorm Decor, Handmade & DIY, Scholastic QA a Day Five Year Journal
    Youll be prompted to reflect on the passage of time as you respond to the unpredictable questions that fill this petite journal! Behind the ornate typography on its classic brown cover, youll be asked to consider a different question for each distinct date, then revisit each revealing inquiry for the next five years. On each September 7th, write about the newest garment youre wearing - then on every March 13th, consider what youd do with an extra hour in your day! After you explore each insight in its own unique context and scribble a sentence or two, youll see that youve built your own tiny time capsule of 1,825 evolving and entertaining answers within this gilt-edged guide. Whether you keep it to chronicle your life or gift it to a loved one, this innovative diary will stand the test of time with its sweet and simple design. Vintage Inspired, Dorm Decor, Handmade & DIY, Scholastic, Collegiate, Travel, Best Seller QA a Day Five Year Journal in Brown for Graduation occasions.
  • Chronicle Books Dorm Decor, Quirky, Scholastic Geek Battle
    Let the true master rise among your ranks by testing each brave geek in a challenge of mental might! A worthy challenge for gaming gurus, science fiction buffs, fantasy comic connoisseurs, and sharp scientists, this four-player game from Chronicle Books offers a gauntlet of questions from every dimension of so-called dorkdom. Just choose an out-of-this-world avatar for yourself, assign a playing piece to three of your clever friends, then roll to launch a battle of nerdy knowledge. When youre hacking your way through the history of gadgets, galaxies, and other geeky subjects with this anomalous board game, the only loser is the one with the low score! Dorm Decor, Quirky, Scholastic, Collegiate, Sci-fi Geek Battle by Chronicle Books in Multi.