Why aren't Zooey Dechanel and Emma Stone on here. shame on you Shelly, shame!

Audrey Hepburn - She is such a lovely person. She is graceful and classy. She is like a real life angel. I know everyone looks up to her as a fashion icon (as do I) but I love all the work she did in Africa, really helping people. I would love to make a difference in people's life's like that one day. 

Pattie Boyd - My Style icon, my girl crush, and she was married to my favorite Beatle. Did you guys know she is the girl who inspired Twiggy to start modeling? She also has been though a heck of a lot in her life and she is such a strong, sweet, adorable person.

Lana Del Rey - I love her music and style. I like how she's true to herself without being to over the top. I also loves the way she identifues herself as a poet more than a musician. I like the way she uses music as a platform to use her poetry so beautifully. That kind of reminds me of how Jim Morrison was. I have a lot of respect for her because she just does her own thing

Linda McCartney - I love Linda. I love how she is an animal rights activist and I love the way she is passionate about photography. She was so good for Paul McCartney when he was going though the Beatles breakup. Linda was his rock. She is so lovely and such a strong woman. 

Lucille Ball - I love how she opened a door for women to actually be funny. I also love the fact that any given day of the week you can flip on the Hallmark channel and watch I love Lucy. I mean it still makes people of this generation laugh! That's something not to many comedians can pull off. She is timeless.

Reese Witherspoon - My southern bell! I love how down to earth and nice she is. She seems like one of the only people in Hollywood who has some conman sense. Plus she is adorable and she is my favorite actress. I love walk the line, legally blonde and sweet home alabama!
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