Role Play Addicts

Role Play Addicts
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Are you crazy about RP's? Well, so are we. Here's a place for you to advertise your role plays, share experience, and, most importantly, find people who might want to join your groups and such.

There will be contests for you to post your Role Play sets as soon as possible.

Currently advertised Role Plays:
- Polyvore's Next Top Model
- Meadow Woods
- Belladona Academy
- Damaged:
- Protect Serve Role Play 2
- Center Stage
- Riverside Academy
- The Madhouse {MHRP}
- Camp Spoiled ||| Roleplay|||
- Center stage ||2nd Gen.||
- Paradise Lost
-time to pretend - an hprpg
- Bones: {The RP}
- hope street - roleplay
- The French Court[RP]
Avada Kedavra Motherfuckeer {akm}
The Lake
- A Summer Like Never Before (A Role-Play)
- Supernatural legacy. {RP}
- Moulin Rouge (A Roleplay)
- Your Saviours- A Black Veil Brides roleplay
- Dance Or Die =RolePlay=
- The Marilyn Flat ||RolePlay||
- ♛ Dangerous Liaisons {RP}
- Gossip Girl: Survivor
-Red Oak Hallow Town {ROHT}
-Fight or Flight? ✈ [ RP ]
-Tour '12 Roleplay
(Groups with no activity in a while or no moderation will be taken out of the list)
Have a new/good role play you want to get more attention? PM me with the link and I shall add it to the description! =]
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