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Male character
Name: Brad Mars (feat. Jared Leto)
Age: 25 years old
He is a photographer and a lead singer of a rock’n’roll band in his free hours. He’s Serena’s best friend since college, lives in L.A. and was born in New York. 

Female character
Name: Anne Cullen (feat. Emma Watson)
Age: 22 years old
She is Robert’s sister and works in a fashion magazine.

Episode 40th – NEW STORY
Anne was waiting Rob in his home. It’s his wedding day, and she was so excited about that, ‘cause she knows how difficult is for Rob to give his heart for somebody. She was already dressed up and standing on the sofa. The doorbell rang and she got up from the sofa to answer the door. When Anne opened the door, appeared a wonderful man, dressed in a suit and All Star, with striking blue eyes.

- Hello. I’m Brad, the Serena’s best man. I believe you are Rob's sister, right?
- Yes, right! Nice to meet you, Brad! *Anne said stammering* Anne was wondering if it was pretty enough for him.
- Hm… Rob is here?
- No, I'm waiting for him out of the shower and finish getting ready. He must be very nervous because it usually doesn’t take much. Oh, he’s coming! *Rob was coming down the stairs*

The rest of the wedding went smoothly, except that, inside, Anne was stunned at the beauty of Brad. But apparently Brad was accustomed to women much more beautiful than her because he didn’t appear to show the slightest interest in her, and Anne began to feel a bit sad with those thoughts.
At the wedding, they exchanged a few words, sat at the same table, they danced a song or two but nothing else happened. Anyway, it was the day Rob and Serena, and Anne should focus on the happiness of his brother.

Everything went well with no major events between the two, when Anne felt that she should go. The next day, she had to cover a fashion show and need to wake up early. Then she returned to the table to grab her purse, where Brad was sitting alone, looking lost in his wine glass.
- Hm… so… bye, Brad! Good night… *Anne said*
- I'm also thinking of going away. How will you leave?
- I’ll take a cab.
- No, no. I'll take you. You live close to Rob, it's way to me. - Brad didn’t even wait that Anne answer, already up from the table immediately. Anne couldn’t help thinking he had done that many times call for many women, and none of them ever refused.

In the car, they talked about the wedding, the party, some drunken people that have vexed, and told how Brad met Serena, among other matters. When they arrived at the door of Anne, had not the slightest sign of a mood for a kiss, and Anne felt her heart shrivel: finally, Brad had not been attracted by her.

- So, good night, Brad. Thanks for the ride. * Anne said that and go out of the car quickly, because she was thinking she was idiot for thinking that a man like Brad be interested in her.*
- You’re welcome. Listen… You have a photographer tomorrow for the fashion show?
- In fact the magazine hadn’t no photographer, I would take myself the pictures ... But I can’t pay you and the magazine would not approve spend on this ...
- No, I'm not worried about it. I would because I like, and then I talk to the magazine and see what happens. *Anne didn’t doubt that he would charm the magazine paid him *
- Ok, you can go, if you want it. Do you pick me up at 8a.m.?
- Ok, I’ll be there. Thank you for this opportunity.
- No problem. 

Anne was upset by Brad only have professional interests in the relationship, but deep inside her, she thought she would try to get him.
- Night, Nick! How are you? - Anne said to the guy who served in the hotel where she lives.
- Night, Anne! How was the wedding? 
- It was great, Nick.
- You don’t look so much happy… *Nick said worried*
- No, Nick, I’m fine… I’m just wondering… if I am pretty… Ok, right, now I’m embarrassed…
- You have to be kidding me! You are beautiful, so beautiful! I don’t understand you, really. You are so attractive…
- You think?
- Yeah.
Without knowing where it came from that impulse, Anne leaned over the front desk of the hotel and kissed Nick.
- Night, Nick. - Nick was stunned, and said nothing.
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