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Episode 59th:

I held my breath…I wanted to hear the rest. He seemed so serious. But why he chose that night to be the night of confession? He continued after taking a deep breath “My dad is not my real father”. 
I opened my eyes from shock: “What? What do you mean by that?”
He laughed in a sad way “I mean the thing you understood…Actually he is my uncle. He is my father’s brother.”
I was still shocked by his confession. “And where is his brother, I mean your real father? He didn’t answer so I imagined… “Is he dead?”
“Yes. He died in a car accident when my mum was pregnant. When my mother learnt this thing, she tried to kill herself twice and of course me too, with her.” My dad, I mean his brother helped her so much and persuaded her to keep me, as she did. But when I was born she hated me so much cause I was just like my real father. He couldn’t see me. It was impossible for her to do that. He tried many times to give me for adoption but my dad stopped her all the times. Then they decided that I should have a father so they thought that his brother would be the perfect for me…And he is. I call him “dad” and I feel it. I really do. I don’t hate them for doing that...for telling me lies cause he made me happy and he still makes me.” He lowered his eyes and then looked at the sea. He was lost again in his thoughts but now I could tell that he was more relieved.
I touched my hair trying to push all the new information in my brain. It was impossible. We both stayed quiet gazing the sea. “I'm sorry for all these. I don’t know what else to say. All this time I try to realize everything but it’s so hard for me, Justin.”
He laughed with difficulty in his effort to make me feel convenient. “Mel, I can’t realize this the 5 years I know the truth and you try to get it in 5 minutes? It’s ridiculous!” He laughed again and looked at the sea trying to hide a tear that was rolling down his cheek.
I took his face with my fingers and wiped the tear. He tried to turn again from the other side cause he didn’t want me to see him crying. “Hey, don’t do that. Remember when you told me that you’re gonna help me recover from my mother’s death? Remember that? Do you think that I won’t do anything for the boy I love and I’ll always love? Ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help you”, I said still holding his face in my hands.
 He was looking at me with those beautiful slanted, tearful eyes. “Thank you for being by my side. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to get away from this weird and crazy family”, he said laughing and crying at the same time.
“Hah, what are you saying? I will never ever leave you alone. Ok?”, I said putting him in my arms. He stayed silent. “And about your mum, just talk to her and I’m sure that she’ll change her point of view. I’m sure that she loves you but the shock of your father’s death is still in her heart. She will never recover completely. And about these three marriages you referred previously, I’m sure that she tries to find someone like him…I know that you’re right and hurt but talk to her and you’ll find a solution.”
“Ok. I’ll try to do that. Thank you for everything and sorry for ruining the party night!”, he said wiping his tears. He stood up and helped me stand up, too. “A last dance with me? Before going home?”
“Of course Mr.”, I said catching his hand. We danced on the sand “It will rain” by Bruno Mars, which was playing: 
“Cause there’ll be no sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There’ll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same, if you walk away
Everyday it will rain, rain, rain...” 
He had me in his arms holding me so tightly that I couldn’t breathe but I liked it. He was whispering me some of the lyrics of the song in my ear as the sun was rising and the waves were making a soft melody…

Monday morning, 7:30 a.m.
“Oh Gosh, I’m late…Ohhh God”. I was really tired from the Saturday’s party but I had to go to school. I got ready really quickly. I didn’t even know what I wore…I had just put the first clothes I found in my wardrobe. I descended fast the ladder I cached a croissant, I said a quick “Good morning” to Jake and dad. I run out of the home. I checked the mailbox. Oh there was a letter for me from my aunt Caroline from France. I put it quickly in my bag and drove to school. "I will read it at college", i thought. Hopefully I arrived there in time. 
“Hey! Someone slept a lot, right?”, Justin teased me giving me a kiss at my cheek. “How are you, sweetie?”
“Oh I’m fine. It seems that I overslept…Oh I’m really tired…I don’t know if my head can stand Mrs. Blancet…”, I said touching my temples. 
“Oh, my little girl”, he said laughing, pushing my head to his fit chest. 
“So, are you coming with me?”, I asked him.
“Play truant? Oh, you haven’t ever mentioned that you do stuff like that!”, he said ironically.
“Are you coming? Yes or No?”, I insisted. 
“With you I go everywhere, my love”, he said taking my hand and running secretly to the exit for the yard. We run fast to the yard cause Mrs. Blancet was on her way to the class. She shouldn’t see us. We sat down on the grass. I was searching in my bag for the letter…”Where are you?”
“Hey, here I am!”, Justin said shaking his hands in air.
“Come on Justin. I’m searching for…Oh here it is”, I said grabbing the letter.
“What’s this?”, Justin wondered.
“Obviously, it’s a letter”, I said showing it to him. “It’s a letter from my aunt Caroline. Paris, France”.
“Ok, I got it”, he said laughing. “So, open it! What are you waiting for?”
“Ok”, I said and ripped the folder. It contained two letters. I took out the first one and started to read it, murmuring.

--Dear Melanie,
Oh, my little girl I’ve missed you so much. You have so much time to contact with me. I hope you’re fine. In your last e-mail I read that you’re together with that boy, Justin if I remember well. I’m as happy for you as your mother would be. I wrote to you because I wanna see you my dearest girl. I’m alone here, I remember my sister and I cry every night. If I see you, I’ll become better. Please, come for some days only…Also, as you have seen there is another letter, too. It’s a letter from the National French College, where you’ve applied a couple years ago. Remember? They finally replied to you. Your application has been accepted darling. You can return here with Jake. They are offering you a full fellowship and participation in the big annual musical in Paris. It’s a great opportunity for you dear. Think about it and call me. You should reply within a month. Courses are beginning from September. 
I love you!! Give many kisses to Jake and Paul!
Take care, 
Your aunt Caroline! --

I have stayed motionless looking at the letter. I opened the other one and indeed…my application has been accepted. Normally, I should have been really happy for this but now I was in America with Justin. I couldn’t let him…That was impossible for me to leave him and go back to Paris. Should I tell him right now or…?
“Hey, Mel what is it about? You are really pale! Oh my…Something bad?”, he said touching my face. I stayed somehow unconscious watching at his moves like I was watching a play on TV. I could barely hear to his voice. My eyes were stuck on the letter. Finally, I spoke…
“I’m ok…”
“Really? You don’t seem to be…”, he said touching my hands.
I decided not to tell him anything. He was way too nervous and upset with his mum. I shouldn’t make him even more. Anyway, I was completely determined for my reply. So, I decided to change the subject. “So, tell me. Have you spoken to your mum already?”
“The letter?, he asked.
“Oh, leave it. It’s nothing.”, I pretended to be alright. “Tell me about your mum…”
“Ok…I tried to approach her but she told me that she is getting married again. What could I say? That’s madness. I give up. I just can’t do anything.In some days this man will be at her home and I should be there to meet him. Can you believe it? I don’t know….”, he said. He seemed really confused rolling his eyes.
“Oh, deadlock. You can’t do anything with this woman. Just do whatever she asks for. Go meet this man and then tell her everything you feel”.
“This is what I would do. So tell me for the letter!”
“It’s nothing…really!”, I insisted. 
“Ok…whatever you want then”, he said somehow annoyed. Oh, I was in a terrible situation. I couldn’t hide it forever. I should go to my aunt but not to the college…What should I do? If I tell it to Justin, he will maybe insist on my going to the college even if he doesn't want something like that.
“Ashley is coming. I’ll go so that you can talk alone…”, he said annoyed as he stood up. Maybe he thought that the letter wasn’t from my aunt and I was lying to him. 
“Justin!”, I shouted but he didn’t turned. He just walked to the building, waved to Ash and disappeared.
“Hey, what’s happening here?”, Ashley asked me showing Justin with her finger .
“Read the letter”, I said giving it to her. She started reading it very curious and at the end was staring at it with bulging eyes.
“Oh Gosh…this is a great opportunity for you but Justin?”
“I know…”
“This is why he left like that?”
“No, he doesn’t know it. I haven’t told him anything. I’m so confused…He will be really hurt and maybe he will insist on my going there. I don’t want to do that. I mean I’ll go to Paris for my aunt but If I’ll accept it, I have to be there by September and this means goodbye America, Justin, you, Paul…everything”, I said and a tear rolled my cheek. 
“Oh, sweetie! Don’t cry! We’ll find a solution. You’ll see…”, she said pulling me in her arms. We stood up and walked to the class talking strongly for this subject. 
“I’ll go to Paris and I’ll meet the rector of the college…I don’t think that I’ll accept the fellowship…Don’t tell anything to Justin”, I begged Ashley.
“Fellowship? Anything to Justin?”. Oh Justin was behind us. My blood turned so cold. I just turned back and looked at his eyes.
“Justin…That’s so hard for me. What should I do? I didn’t want you to be even more hurt…and..”
“And you chose to lie to me”, he said ratty and left. I run after him and I touched his arm.
“Justin, please stay. I wanna talk to you. I was afraid of your reaction. This is why I avoided telling you… I don’t wanna go away from you. I love you!”, I said and kissed him directly. This is the only thing I could do. That kiss was all the power I had in my hands and also it was a big apologize to him. “Sorry…but I love you so much and you know that!”
“I know you do and I love you so much, too Mel. When would you tell it to me?”
“I would…Read the letter”, I said giving him the letter. I was watching him read it. When he finished, he looked at me pretty disappointed and I continued: “See?I swear I would tell you but I was afraid cause I’m sure that you’ll say that I should…”, before finishing my sentence he held both my hands and told me:
“You should go Mel!”
“Exactly!, I said shaking my head. “I knew your answer but now listen to mine. I can’t leave you Justin. I can’t leave my life here and return to Paris. You’re the one I was searching for my whole life and I can’t leave you like that. No, I won’t do it.”
“Look…It’s hard for me…It is but it’s a huge opportunity for your career Melanie”, he said staring at my eyes. Calling me Melanie meant that he was sure about the things he was telling me.
“I know but it’s impossible for me…It would be perfect but not for now. Now I’m here with my dad and with …you!”, I said falling in his arms.
He caressed my hair. “I know…at least go to Paris and ask the rector if you can find another solution. You can’t lose the musical Mel! Oh, my baby”, he said as he was watching me cry.
“I’m torn…It’s better to call my dad and after that my aunt. Go to the class. I’ll find you after the lesson”, I said walking to the cafeteria. 
“Ok, as you wish”, he said going to the class.
I went to the cafeteria. I ordered a lemon tea because my nerves were in need of calmness. I called Paul. As I had imagined he advised me to go to Paris. He told me that my mum would want that, too. I remembered my mum telling me about this college since I was 5 years old. It was her dream to see me there. It was hopeless… Everyone was pushing me to Paris but my heart was in Los Angeles close to him. I didn’t think even for a minute the big chance I was given… Career was nothing for me. I was not a victim of my personal success. Everything for me was my personal happiness…Justin! 
I texted my aunt number…I was waiting for some seconds. I finally heard her voice. “My aunt!”
“Oh, Melanie! I’m so glad you called me.”
“I’m, too! I received the letter today morning.”, I said sadly taking a deep breath.
“Really? But…I can hear you somehow sad, why?”
“Caroline…It’s hard for me to leave my life here… I can’t accept it.”, I said with difficulty.
“You must be kidding right now…It’s such an honor for you honey…You know that! And when you mean your life there…You’re only one year there but here you have been living for many years”, she said waiting for my excuse.
“It’s not that easy…Here is dad, Jake, my friends…”
“Justin? For him you’re not accepting this honor, right?”, he said kinda annoyed.
“Yes…He insists on my coming there but it’s impossible for me, my aunt”, I said crying.
“Listen to me…Justin is only a guy but your career will be the most important part of your entire life”, she was trying to dissuade me. But she wasn’t using the right arguments.
“Oh please stop…You’ve always knew that I don’t give a s.hit for my career. The only thing that I care the most about is Jake, dad, you and recently…Justin. I don’t care about any career if the cost is to be alone in my entire life. Ok? This career thing is something that you and my mother tried to push in my mind without my permission and now that I am old enough to think…I can tell you that it’s something that tells nothing to me”. 
“So you don’t care about your career? And how are you gonna live Melanie? You think that Paul and me will live forever to pay for you?”, she asked me so many questions like she didn’t know me, like I was a stranger.
“What? You know that I’ve never took money from you or from anybody else… I don’t want to make a fortune or all the people to know me… I’m not that ambitious…”, I said somehow shouting to her.
“And what are you gonna do in your life Mel? You’re gonna make a poor family with that Justin?”
“Hah…you don’t recognize me anymore, aunt…I want tell more…I’ll come there so that to see you telling me these things…I won’t quarrel with you by the phone. I’ve made my decision and I’ll talk to the rector for further information. See you Carol…!”, I said and I hung up the phone. Ohh I wanted to cry…I couldn’t control my tears. Everyone became so stranger to me…I walked out of the cafeteria. I left the tea intact. I was neither thirsty nor hungry. I was upset and I wanted a hug from Justin. 
“Hey beautiful, do you feel better?”, he asked me with his soft voice and caressed my shoulders.
“Oh…I just had a fight with my aunt. She was telling me terrible things about…”, Justin? What are you saying? He is in front of you. I just stared at his eyes for a second and then I looked at the class trying to hide my thoughts.
“Me? Right?”, he finished my sentence with disappointment.
“She has nothing with you. It’s all about me…They think that all my life is my CAREER! But it’s not…My life is the people I love…is you!”, I said and kissed him.
“My baby…and what are you gonna do now?”
“I’ll go to Paris for a couple of weeks so that to clarify everything with my aunt and then to see the rector and ,I don’t know, to find a via media…I’m not sure for my decision yet…but going to Paris makes me sad and lonely. I can’t live there again.”
“The decision is yours. So, you are leaving?”
“Just for a couple of weeks…and then I’ll be here for the prom, our last night in the first year of college. Remember we have to dance…tango!”, I said smiling to him.
“Oh I’m so happy to see this smile again… Yeah I remember! How could I forget our dance! You’ll be here, right?”
“Of course, I will! Don’t be silly! I wouldn’t miss it!”, I said caressing his hair and smiling to him.
“Ok then…When are you leaving?”
“Uhm…tomorrow morning with the morning flight.”
“Oh so tonight I have to say goodbye…”
“Good bye? No…uhm…It is called – See you soon!”, I said smiling sweetly to him.
“Yeah? It’s called like that? Hmm…I didn’t know…Meet me at 9:00 at the evening at the park where we gave our first kiss…and wear your prom dress. And then you see how I call it!”, he said smiling to me knowingly. 
“Oh…what do you have again on mind?”
“I can’t say more!”, he said looking up to the ceiling. 
“Oh…I see. Ok then! I’ll meet you there!”, I said kissing him and then I left. 

On my way home I was trying to imagine what he had on mind. I wouldn’t think of anything else but him and the night. I arrived home. Paul was helping Jake with his homework. I was happy to see that. Jake’s face was lovely. I had a shower, I exercised on the prom choreography, I wrote some papers of my novel and then I was buzzing around my room…I was so nervous for that night like I had never seen him before…

I looked at my watch. It was 8.25. I put on my prom dress. It was a light tulle gown…I was funny to walk on the road with it but hopefully there was no one there. I was looking at myself while walking and I was smiling… If it wasn’t for Justin I wouldn’t have done it. He had changed me in a really good way. I wasn’t thinking of every single detail as I was doing previously. I was happy with him and I couldn’t think of anything else…

I saw him waiting in the park as the previous time. He was dressed in his black tuxedo. Oh yeah now he was my prince. I stepped forward. He was walking to me having his hands hidden in his back. He was hiding something. I was sure about that. I tried to peep but he smiled and said:
“What are you doing there?”
“Nothing. I’m here dressed in my prom dress as you asked!”
“Good girl! This is for you”, he said giving me a light pink rose.
“You know I love them. Thank you! You’re so sweet and so handsome!”, I said looking at him. Oh so handsome!
“Oh yeah I try…”, he said laughing.
“So Mrs. Sidney are you practicing our prom choreography at all?”, he asked me in a strict way.
“Oh…Of course Mr. Williams! How dare you?”
“Well, let’s see...”, he said winking to someone I couldn’t see.
“Wha..?”, I tried to say and I heard the beginning of our song –Nefeli’s Tango- … “Uhm…hah?”
“Shhh…”, he said closing my lips with his fingers. “Just give my your hand…”. I was looking at him speechless and gave my hand to him as he had asked. I knew he was crazy and incredibly romantic but I hadn’t imagined that… He held me in his arms so tenderly staring at my eyes and led me to the chorography… The moves were coming so naturally and spontaneously… I could just see his beautiful, slanted eyes and hear my heartbeat…When the song finished he bent and whispered to me:
“That’s what I call goodbye”, and kissed my lips tenderly…
{to be continued}
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
Oh My Gosh, what a sad story Justin has!! And Melanie is always such a sweet person... I have to listen this Bruno Mars's song that you told me about it... What a hard decision she's has to do, her love or her dream?! I can't even imagine what I'll do in this situation... Uuuh, Taylor/Justin using a tuxedo, hmmm, hot! hehehe And, finally, WOW... what a romantic epic stunning end for this episode!!! Breathetaking!!!!! It's the best episode EVER EVER EVER... I'm totally in love!!

Wrote 5 years ago
WOOOW... AMAZING!!!! your doll is fantastic!! Love it so much!! Great job... great!!

Wrote 5 years ago
WOW :O This doll is stunning, so much love for it xx



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