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For Savannah.
Full Name: Sequin Givenchy-Zara Chanel Burberry
DOB: February 14 ,1994
Biography: This French beauty was born in Montpellier, France. mhm yes, where the eiffel tower is, the most best boutiques, and where they have the latest fashion. Sequin was able to get what she wanted when she wanted. She was pretty spoiled and very wealthy.
She has a sister named Mercedes, ( Rachel McAdams)
Parents: Fleur; A super-model
Beau; A famous fashion designer
Gift: Modeling, Art, Cooking,
Personality: Sequin can be sweet, or else she would be feisty, spoiled, snobby, and mean.If you get in her way, she'll make your life as miserable as you can get.
Shh'es a very stuck up girl, who thinks she's good at everything. Which she is, but she brags and boasts about it alot. She is known as a perfectionist,and almost everybody is under her little spell. Which you meet you you immediately like her. She is a bit two-faced too. She will pretend to be your bestest friend to know your darkest secrets and then she would blurt it out to everyone once you trust her enough.
Will You Be Active?: Probably but not 24/7
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