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The Roleplay Inn ||

The Roleplay Inn is a quaint little place where characters come to play and roleplayers come to rest and enjoy each other's company. It's our version of a 'roleplay graveyard'- where RPers come to use and develop their characters from roleplays that have died or closed. You're pretty much free to do whatever you want here. Create your own mini-universes to roleplay in, overlap verses with other RPers to create something new, work on half-formed ideas, or just roleplay/write stories for the fun of it. The inn and tavern setting will serve as its own roleplay universe, where all of your characters can come and meet one another. We'll hold some events in the future, but these are just for fun and not mandatory. You're welcome to create (or copy + paste) as many characters as you'd like here, and you can either 'make a reservation' (similar to a roleplay application), or just show up and start plotting. (If you go for the former, we'll add them to a collection simply for the purpose of having a character/roleplayer list- but once again, this is not mandatory!) We only have a few rules: 1. Be kind and respectful to all the other guests. 2. No starting fights. 3. Do not steal your fellow roleplayer's ideas, unless given permission. 5. Ask before entering someone else's verse. 6. Give credit where credit is due 7. PM all questions to either @nixandra, @dorian-is-the-walrus, or @forgive-and-forget. 8. Most importantly, have fun! Character Reservation Sheet: (Fill this out to introduce a new character to the group, but only if you want to- it isn't mandatory!) Name || Age || Positive Traits || Negatice Traits || Likes || Dislikes || Bio || Faceclaim || Username || +Optional || Story, Wardrobe collection, Character study, Moodboard, Storyboard, Playlist. --- Coming soon: Lots and lots of roleplay resources. --- A 'Nix the Forgotten Walrus' Production.
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