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Episode 49th
At 8:00 p.m., Anne met Nick at the reception lobby. She spent all afternoon with Nathan walking on the park, and she was so happy about her new job. Going down, Anne saw a girl, who seemed very upset, beating out the door of the building, and it seemed that she and Nick had just discussed.

- Hey Nick, what’s up? – Anne said, nodding to the door.
- That was a girl called Stephanie being mad with me. 
- She was very mad, indeed. Do you mind if I ask what you’ve done with her?
- Yes, I mind, Anne. Let’s scape this subject, okay? Today is about your celebration.
- Okay… it’s up to you… Come’on, I’m starving.

Nick and Anne went to a cute and modern restaurant in main avenue. The place was attended by artists, fashionists, models, etc. It was a very cool place. They ordered food and drinks, and had a nice chat. Anne loves Nick’s presence… he was cute, smart, funny, gentleman… Such a lovely man!

At some moment, Nick was serving more wine and the two hands are brushed lightly, and they looked for each other like had never looked before. 

- Can I ask you something?, said Nick, holding Anne’s hand.
- Sure. You can ask me anything.
- Why did you kissed me that day?
- Oh… that kiss… (Anne was ashamed). I just had an… impulse… 
- So… don’t you like me?
- No, I like you… Of course I like you, Nick… You’re here with me… right? You’re such a lovely guy.
- Am I more than just a friend?
- I must say you can be more than a friend… you have… uh… potencial… 

Nick smiled, pleased. They were holding hands yet. Anne never felt so alive.
As Anne looked at her plate, shy, while eating dessert, and thinking how Nick was nice and beautiful, she felt someone stopping by your side, standing at the table.

- Night, Anne. Night, lucky guy having dinner with this gorgeous woman.
- Brad… Hey… Good night. This is Nick. Nick, this is a… uh… friend, called Brad.
- Nice to meet you, Lucky Nick. If you don’t mind, I’ll seat with you… (Brad pulled up a chair beside the table and sat next to Anne).
- Hm… er… I’ll go to the bathroom… Anne, please, close the account, okay? (Nick was polite, but Anne realizes he was furious).
- We are finished here, Brad… Sorry… We have to go… Bad time…
- No, listen to me… I know I act like a jerk… And I’m so sorry about that… Nathan told me about the job, and he told me you’ll be here tonight… I just came to talk to you… Please, I’m so so sorry… 
- Brad… now it’s not a good time… Can we talk later? Tomorrow morning?
- Okay… I’ll at your home for a lunch… Deal?
- Deal. Night, Brad.
- Night, Anne. Oh… Nick, you’re back… night… nice to meet you.
- Who is this guy, Anne? – Nick answered.
- A work friend… He screwed up some job you did together and now he’s trying to apologize…
- He seems a jerk to me.
- Are you jealous, Nick? – Anne was smiling.
- Me? Er… Yeah… just a little bit. – Nick was ashamed.
- Come’on… let’s go home… - Anne hold his hand.

So, Nathan told Brad about where Anne will be that night. Anne will have to talk with Nathan. She knows he’s only trying to help her, she wasn’t mad. Nick and Anne had reached the door of the building.
- So… I’ll see tomorrow, Anne. You know… I work here.
- Oh yes, I didn’t know that! – Both laughs.
- Good night, Anne. It was an amazing dinner, except…
- I know, except by this friend of mine… 
Nick pulled a lock of hair from her face and kissed her gently on the lips. Anne left the car without saying a word, because she couldn’t think of anything that would reflect how much she was happy at that moment.
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