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* this isn’t directed towards anyone in particular. some of these may not even be directed towards anyone on here. i have been roleplaying for about seven years now on a few different sites, so i have seen a lot of things that bother me. & i’ll admit, i used to do half of this stuff as well. luckily, after roleplaying for so long, i have become better (although i could still be even better). so please don’t get mad if i list something and it’s something that you do because that will also annoy me. also, this is probably going to be quite long because there are a lot of things that really annoy me, so if you manage to read the entire thing, i applaud you. & i don't know if anything i'm about to say makes any sense whatsoever, so i apologize for that. i don't think i'm the queen of roleplaying and better than all of you or anything like that. & even if you do some of these things, it doesn't mean that you're a bad roleplayer. it just means that you do something that annoys me, so yeah.

1). when people always play the same people.
look, i get it. we all have people that we love to play. but why do you have to play them /all/ the time? i know i started doing this with crystal and emma, but i would still join a roleplay even if i didn’t get them. i don’t join a roleplay based on who my characters are. i based on how much i want to join the roleplay. if you really want to be in a roleplay, you’re going to join as whatever person you can. if you don’t join because you can’t have a specific person, then how badly do you really want to be in it? just a thought. this one has really been bothering me lately. i’ve started branching out more and playing different people to give others a chance to play them (if they want to) and because honestly, it gets really boring playing the same people over and over again. it’s nice to have a new face. & i don’t understand why people won’t play certain people. you’re just using them as a model. you don’t even have to like them. it’s not about the actual person (unless it’s a celebrity roleplay, but even those you can switch up a bit). i think people need to stop being so picky.

2). when people always have the same couples.
i find that having the same characters always get together gets boring too. i love crackships and pairing together people you would never think of. i think it’s more fun that way. why do certain characters always have to be together? why can’t you try out other random couples? just because they never dated in real life, or they’ve never met, or there are no manips of them or whatever, doesn’t mean you can’t have them together in a roleplay.

3). when people make their characters the same.
it’s so annoying when people always make their characters the same. “so and so is bubbly, sweet, kind, and a lot fun, etc.” “so and so is a jerk, conceited, completely full of himself, and basically a manwhore.” & every time they join a roleplay, that’s what their characters are like. it might not be those exact traits, but they always use the same traits for their characters in different roleplays. like they always play a sweet girl, or a popular girl, or a bad boy, etc. once again, doesn’t that get a little boring after awhile? i can’t stand playing the same kinds of characters all the time.

4). when people base their character off of the faceclaim.
meaning, because the faceclaim is a really sweet person in real life, the character should be too. that is so annoying. you aren’t playing the faceclaim. you are playing the character. just because someone isn’t a bxtch in real life, doesn’t mean they can’t be one in a roleplay.

5). when people don’t play their characters correctly.
if a character is supposed to be really innocent and naive, then why are they all of a sudden hooking up with some guy? if a character is supposed to be really bitchy and slutty, then why are they all of a sudden really nice to someone? if a character is supposed to be a jerk and mess around with girls, then why are they all of a sudden treating a girl well? play a character the way they are supposed to be played. yeah, it’s cool for a character to have growth and change, but don’t have them change as soon as the roleplay starts. play them the way their personality traits describe them and then slowly change them. this is one of the ones that annoys me the most. seriously, i could rant about this all day. just play the bloody character right goddammit.

6). when people can’t be descriptive.
when i roleplay with someone, i always try my best to match their length. so if someone replies with twenty lines, i’ll try to do twenty. if someone replies with two, i’ll do two. but the thing is, i don’t like replying with two lines. so please, please please, can you at /least/ reply with five lines? five lines. that’s all. that’s not that much. it doesn’t take that much effort. five lines is so easy to do. if you can do even more, then that is even better. & i don’t want five boring lines. i want five lines of good writing. five lines that include something that i can work with. i’ll admit, sometimes i get lazy and don’t want to reply with a large paragraph. everyone gets lazy sometimes. but if i’m lazy, chances are i won’t really want to roleplay and i’ll just reply later when i can put in more effort.

7). when people don’t use proper grammar and spelling.
i’m pretty sure this one bothers everyone. when i’m roleplaying with someone, i want to be able to understand what they are writing. yeah, i get it if you have a typo. but completely misspelling a word is different.

8). when people make their characters the victim all the time.
this is another one that is so unbelievably annoying. your character isn’t always innocent. stop blaming all of the other characters for the way your character acts and for the things that happen. it’s so bothersome when people make their characters seem like an innocent victim who has never done anything. i find people do it a lot with their girls. in a relationship, it’s always the boy’s fault. & that’s not true and it shouldn’t be like that. sometimes it’s the girl’s fault. all the characters are supposed to make mistakes and mess things up. yes, even yours.

9). when people make their characters perfect.
no one is perfect: not in real life nor in a roleplay. so don’t make them that way.

10). when people only want to roleplay sex.
i don’t roleplay sex anyway just because i find it weird and i’m too awkward for that stuff. if you do roleplay sex, then that’s fine. everyone has different comfort zones and are cool with different ratings. but that’s not the part that bugs me. what bugs me is when people only want to roleplay sex. like the characters will just be having a conversation and then all of a sudden one of the characters wants to have sex and just make out. & that’s always what happens. there are other things that the characters can do besides having sex all the time.

11). when people ditch.
i understand if you have to go or you didn’t notice that i commented. or maybe you’re just too lazy at the moment or too tired. the same thing happens to me all the time. but could you please reply later? don’t just ditch and never respond again or even acknowledge the fact that we were roleplaying. if you don’t want to to roleplay with me, just tell me. don’t tell me that you want to, make a set and everything and then never reply. when i say i want to roleplay, i mean it. i’m going to put in the effort to roleplay with you, so why can’t you do the same? this one has happened to me so many times and it’s really frustrating.

12). when people godmod and powerplay.
ummm i don’t remember my character doing that? oh, that’s right, because they didn’t. so don’t say that my characters did something when i never said that they did.

13). when people are too controlling and sensitive.
some people get so sensitive about roleplaying, it’s ridiculous. why are you getting so upset that my character doesn’t like your character? i can’t believe how mad people get when something doesn’t go their way. you can’t control everything, so stop trying to. i’m going to do what i want with my characters. if you don’t like it, then too bad. get over it. this isn’t burger king: you can’t always have it your way.

14). when people don’t give me anything to work with.
this just makes things difficult. this usually happens with short, boring replies. which results in me giving short, boring results. which sucks. & this is why you should be more descriptive and not be so boring. it’ll be more fun for the both of us.

15). when people don’t finish their auditions.
in any roleplays that i’ve been the mod of i won’t accept someone until they’ve finished their auditions. i don’t think it’s fair that everyone else put in the effort to finish theirs, and yet you just say something like “plz accept me<3” and expect to be accepted. if you want to be accepted, do the work. it’s even worse when all you have to do for the audition is something super simple like name, age, and crush or something. that’s really not hard to do and doesn’t take any time. i can understand if you aren’t able to finish all of your auditions right away: some auditions take longer to do. all that matters is that you finish them. don’t make the title “these are coming” if the auditions are never actually coming. you want in the group? do the audition.

16). that polyvore doesn’t allow coding.
now this is just a little bonus pet peeve that i thought of that doesn’t actually have anything to do with roleplayers, but with the site. i hate that we can’t do any coding on here. i mean i’m fine with not being able to use html templates and things like that because i feel like that would make the site look really messy. but i at least want to be able to make text bold or italicized. that would make things so much easier. then i wouldn’t have to put something in /slashes/ or s p a c e out the letters to put emphasis on it. that’s all i want.

to me, roleplaying is basically telling a story. you create a character and write about the ups and downs of their life and have them interact with other characters created by other people. you build on the character and have them grow and turn them into someone who is almost like a real person. a faceclaim is just that: a faceclaim. the faceclaim doesn’t define the character. it just gives a face to the character. what defines the character is their personality, their likes and dislikes, their successes and failures. in books and movies, characters are supposed to be like us. we’re supposed to be able to relate to them. characters in a roleplay aren’t any different. you’re still telling a story, just in a different way. characters are never perfect and neither are we. are you just a face? is your face what defines you? no. you are much more than just your face. you are a /person/. & that’s what roleplaying is about to me. creating a whole new person and getting the chance to tell their story. that’s why i enjoy it so much and that’s why i do it.
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