Roleplay Plots;

Most of these are inspired by books, films or songs that I thought would be interesting to roleplay sometime.
I /think/ they're all original ideas. I haven't copied them off of anybody.
Sorry in advance if they're similar to any other plots out there, I promise it was a coincidence.
If the plot is inspired by a song, I'd recommend listening to the song first, because I imagine doing those plots as close to the song as possible.
I'll add to these whenever I get bored, which is all the time.
I don't expect the credit or anything, but please don't copy them exactly and pass them off as your own.
It's annoying.
I did spend ages typing these up, and for original ideas I spent ages thinking of them.
If you want to roleplay any of these with me, just let me know, I'd love to! And I'd love you for it! :')
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    "1) [Stardust inspired] He's a boy who is wasting his time trying to woo his crush. His crush's latest request; bring her a fallen star and she will marry him." — @midnightmadness-xo
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  • Rachel Babycakes
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    "She's a fallen star, crashed to earth and being hunted for her heart, which can grant a person eternal life." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Wedding photography and Couples
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    "What happens when the boy finds the star, but it wasn't the lump of rock he was expecting, and the pair have a week to get back to the town the boy is from- unless the witches hunting the star get to them first?" — @midnightmadness-xo
    Couple walking into the sunset. Aaron Snow Photography
  • beautiful girl
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    "2) [Inspired by the Madison Avery books] She's a girl who grew up with just her dad, and knew nothing of who she really is; a half guardian angel." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • The beautiful scars still ache.
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    "He's a dark angel who's first mission unaccompanied is to kill the girl before she can learn of her power." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Fuck Yeah, Hugs!
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    "But what happens when he accidentally lets slip who the girl really is? He gets whisked back to his realm and given one more chance, being told that he is exiled from his world until the girl is dead. And she's the one who takes him in." — @midnightmadness-xo
    Because they make the world a better place. Brought to you lovingly by popquizkid and...
  • run and tell all of the angels
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    "3) [Inspired by the story of Peter Pan] He is the boy who never takes anything seriously, he doesn't need to, he isn't ever going to grow up." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • ಠ_ಠ
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    "She's far too old for her years, obsessed with her plans for her future and juggling school and work all the time. She doesn't have time for friends, not being a soldier's daughter, she moves away every 6 months." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • I bite my tongue so you don't hear me
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    "So what happens when these polar opposites are paired together for a school camping trip? He thinks she's boring, she thinks he's immature. Will they ever attempt to give each other a chance?" — @midnightmadness-xo
    Hello! My name is Emily and I'm eighteen. I come from Australia, and I love Ed Sheeran and Austin Carlile more than you. c':
  • oh shit, sexy man
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    "4) {Boy} has been living on a tour bus since he was 14 and scored his first record deal. Now he's 19 and thinks the world revolves around him. He's been totally consumed by the life of a famous musician." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • girls with long brown hair tumblr
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    "{Girl's} first time away from home came as a package deal with her first ever job. Daddy hooked her up with the job of being {Boy's} personal assistant." — @midnightmadness-xo
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  • Chloe Norgaard is a Misfit for Metal Magazine #28
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    "There's only so much a girl can take though, especially when {Boy} starts giving her ridiculous orders. When {Girl} looses it with him, he'll either love it or hate it. And it's a dangerous thing to do living on a bus." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • ♔ass 2 ass w/ u♔
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    "5) She's quick, flirty and deadly. Growing up as the daughter of a mobster does that to a girl. She pretends to be helpless, but let your guard down and you'll regret it. She's good with a knife." — @midnightmadness-xo
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    "He always had a quick temper and even quicker reflexes. Match that with his strength and you've got the perfect member of a gang. Which is exactly what he is, the wingman in a new, brutal gang." — @midnightmadness-xo
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  • we're so young and insane
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    "So, when the gang get too close to the mob's dealings, both parties are determined to fight their corner. The girl is protecting her family. The boy is proving himself to the rest of his gang. But when it comes down to it, is he tough enough to shoot her?" — @midnightmadness-xo
  • love never wanted me, but i took it anyway
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    "6) He lives on the second floor, with his drunken father and his frustrated mother. Ever since he was little he's been his parent's punching bag, a way for them to vent their anger. He learnt long ago that if he fusses it hurts him more." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • jessie blush | Tumblr
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    "She lives on the first floor, and hears all the late night shouting, the loud bangs. She's never spoken to the quiet boy upstairs, her mother tells her not to get involved. But she can't help but feel sorry for the lonely boy upstairs." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Fuck Yeah Hipster Quotes - Page 14 of 22
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    "One day, on the way to school, she decides to just say hello. The boy doesn't trust her innocent intentions, and refuses to let her in. When she catches a glimpse of his arms, bruised black and blue, she decides he needs her. [Inspired by the song Luka]" — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Epic_Wave
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    "7) His mother left him in charge of his baby brother while she went traveling with her new boyfriend. He always thought she'd come home within a few months." — @midnightmadness-xo
    Welcome to my blog. Feel free to spend as long as you want here... Btw. my name is Ivana and I'm 17.
  • emo guy | Tumblr
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    "Two years on, he's at college, still taking care of his brother. He's the weird quiet outcast kid that doesn't have any friends because he doesn't have any time. He's lately started to smoke weed to relax himself a bit, and his drug habit's getting worse." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Hannah
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    "She's been in his classes since they were young, but she's never got to know him. Recently though she's noticed his downward spiral, so what will he do when she tries to befriend him? Let her in or shut her out like everyone?" — @midnightmadness-xo
  • too young to fight it.
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    "8) He comes from a long line of servicemen, and he has always planned to follow in their footsteps, that was always his life goal, until he met her 2 years ago..." — @midnightmadness-xo
  • dustjacket attic: New York Garden Wedding
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    "He gets the perfect opportunity to make his family proud and enrolls in the forces, he does so without telling her. What happens when he comes clean a few days before he's set to leave? He's going, but will she still be waiting for him when he returns?" — @midnightmadness-xo
  • Hot Girls Online (126 pics) -
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    "9) (Based on the song 'Life In My Stomach' by BMike) She always studied hard, never stepped out of line. Until her friends persuaded her to go to a party where everyone would be, and got very drunk." — @midnightmadness-xo
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    "He has no conscience, and just flirts with her all night at the party, persuading her to go all the way, telling her it'll be fine. He also has a girlfriend..." — @midnightmadness-xo
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  • Ultrasounds > Second Trimester > Week 13 > 13 weeks 5 days (pregnancy # 2) -
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    "She ends up pregnant, but keeps it a secret as long as she can. He doesn't want the baby, and he refuses to have anything to do with her. His girlfriend told him that unless he ends it she's leaving him, so he goes to her and demands she abort the baby." — @midnightmadness-xo
    nuchal screening u/s. our big gender u/s is august 15th!!

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