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OO1 ; She's the school slutt and he's the a+ nerd. he secretly stalks her, watches her every moment of the day, until one day he breaks into her house and kidnaps her. he hides her away, and slowly and very shockingly, she slowly falls in love with him. but will someone find out her scary past? what will happen to them?

OO2 ; [ girl ] is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. [ girl ] goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets [ boy ], he’s the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiancé. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, [ girl ] can't keep herself for falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites [ boy ]. In the midst of the vows, [ girl ] notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she go for [ boy ], or make her parents happy and marry their choice?

OO3 ; The boy and the girl are complete party animals. They show up to everyone, if they'll get drunk or not. One night the two meet each other and fall into so called 'love'. The boy has a girlfriend and is really liking her. But shes not giving him what he wants, so he decides to get a 'sex' buddy. The girl being who she is, accepts. The two have 'fun times' almost ever few days. What happens when they both secretly want a better relationship between them? Will they confess, or will it never work out between them?

OO4 ; Two bestfriends have been together forever, but one day they start to have more then just /friendly/ feelings. so they end up making love, and then they fall in love and all that good shit.

OO5 ; A guy finds a girl unconscious in the park, long scars and track marks down her arms. He takes her to a local hospital and he claims to be her brother so she can have the required treatment with him as her responsible adult. She comes round and he's still there. He continues to visit her to keep up the pretence, and she starts to open up to him. Eventually, the hospital discharges her to his care, so she moves in with him, and they have to attend regular check ups

OO6 ; These two teenagers have been destined to marry since birth, and the time has finally come. It's two weeks before their marriage and they meet for the first time, and are forced to live together, as preparation for married life. They have nothing in common, they disagree about music, tv shows, everything. Except they both don't want to get married.

OO7 ; [ boy ] is the son of rich parents; his dad owns a successful chain of factories, and his mom is the head of a company. [ boy ]'s siblings are also successful, marrying other rich people and taking up great paying jobs. All [ boy ] has ever wanted to do is play music, which his parents don't think is going to get him far in life. One day when [ boy ] is going into the theater to play the piano, since he can't at home, he finds that the piano is occupied. There is a girl, and music has always been a comfort to her. Already having something in common, there is an almost instant attraction. [ boy ] and [ girl ] play music together and become good friends. [ boy ] finds himself slowly falling in love with her and he admits his feelings for her, to find that she feels the same. He introduces her to his parents, and they do not approve.

OO8 ; You're a very successful celebrity at the age of nineteen. Your handler and manager think your fame is beginning to fade, so they talk to another celebrity's people, deciding to create a faux relationship between you two. They start having you two go to premieres & parties together, and then you two begin doing photoshoots. In the midst of all this, you're beginning to become close friends with the person that you're supposedly dating, and then you become attracted to this person. But what happens when the handlers & managers think that the relationship can finally end, and you don't want it to?

OO9 ; Boy and girl are best friends, and have been for about a year. They spend tons of time together, and both secretly find the other attractive. So, when a bunch of their friends decide to head to their beach house for the weekend, they decide to carpool. When they are about halfway there, the boy and girl get caught in an intense rainstorm ; heavy winds and pouring sheets if rain causing them to get off of the road, and find shelved in the nearest hotel. And to add to their problems, the electricity goes out. But what will happen when they have an entire night in a hotel room together, and the next day, when they have to tell all of their friends that they are now dating? Will they come right out with it, or try to hide their relationship?

O1O ; Having just turned 18 and gotten out of high school, [ boy ] and his friends, equipped with fake ID's, head to Vegas to celebrate finally being adults. [ girl ] and her friends are on their way to Vegas to do the same, fake ID's at hand. [ boy ] & [ girl ] meet at a casino and hit it off, and get completely drunk. Absolutely wasted, they leave the casino together. The next morning, they wake up in a hotel room, in the same bed, half-naked, wearing wedding rings. 

O11 ; He was only ever supposed to be a holiday fling, someone to grab hot chocolate with and to make out with by the fire. He was only supposed to be someone who she remembered when they got the photo albums out and saw one of them both, him with one arm draped lazily around her. But apparently fate or whoever it is upstairs has other ideas, when he shows up at the same ski lodge as her the next year, twice as hot and clearly still infatuated with her. She would be lying if she said that she felt nothing for him, but it wasn’t how it was supposed to go. { could either be in summer or winter. ]

O12 ; { girl ] & { boy ] are both coming home over winter break. they both go to boarding school together – but typically, they can't really stand each other. she's the popular girl, he's the badass of the school. they get seated together on the plane, but what happens when a blizzard comes and they have to delay the flight? or when the nearest hotel only has an open room with one bed, and they both have to room until the storm's over. what will happen to their relationship? what will go down?

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