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 While I was approaching him, the other boys were telling to the black-skinned one “Heyyy she is coming….stop it” but he insisting on saying “Duck, duck, hahaha” and doing strange noises.

- Sorryyy..what’s your damage? Why did you pour your refreshment on me and laugh at me?? You don’t know me at all…., I said really furious. 
 - I didn’t. This little boy did it by mistake, said showing with his finger a little blonde boy.
- Yes about that... But why are you laughing at me and saying silly things?
- Silly? Are you calling me silly? , he said in a facetious way.
- Don’t act like you are offended. I didn’t tease you so that I deserve this kind of attitude. So please don’t speak for me again. I had decided not to push the limits and go away but he said : “Go away with the kitten you pull from the hand”.
- Hah…. I think that you said too much now, I said really upset and took suddenly his Coca- cola from his hand and poured it all over him.
- Now who is the wet duck ? , I said ironically, Enjoy your movie… Hah.. “Wet trouble”? you match perfectly with the title, I said and walked away laughing continually.
- I haven’t seen you like this before. You really surprised me, Jake said as we were going into the cinema hall.
- Yeah, I was surprised from myself, too. But I couldn’t let him telling snide things for you, too. You know how much I love you !, I said pulling his hair back and forth.
- Love you, too Melanie. Now stop stop the movie begins, said with his eyes opened to the big screen.
- Hahaha ok shhhhhhh now!

 While we were watching the movie, specifically while Jake was watching the movie because I pretended that I was watching it…. I was thinking of Ed, my boyfriend, I hadn’t met him for 1 week. I really missed him and I forgot to call or text him today cause I was trying to get used to the new situation. As we were returning home from the cinema I saw that black- skinned boy dancing at a corner with two other boys…it was freestyle and break-dance, I think… I didn’t stared at him because I didn’t want he to see me and I believe that he didn’t. Maybe his home was in my neighborhood, so I had to be really careful. 

- Wow! He was dancing so well, Jake said excited.
- Come on Jake, it’s street dance... Everyone can do this, I said but I didn’t believe it cause he was dancing so well even I didn’t admit it to myself.
- Could you do all these moves? Oooo I forgot you are a ballerina not a street dancer. But…
- Jake stop.. I was a dancer.. Not anymore ! ! Please stop this conversation!
- But Melanie you should start dancing again, you are amazing..
- I asked you to stop, I said angry.
- Ok, he said sadly.

 When we arrived at home dad had prepared dinner. I didn’t want to eat but I sat around the table with Jake and dad. He served us spaghetti with white sauce and orange juice. Jake started immediately to eat. He seemed so hungry.
- Dad you should have seen how Melanie answered to a boy who was teasing us, said excited while he was eating.
- Ooooo really Melanie?
- Yes, but ok! I don’t want to talk about it right now. It was something very silly for 5 years old kids…hah, I said looking angry to Jake. I didn’t want Paul to know everything.
- Sooooo, Paul said when he understood my angry look to Jake, did you have a great time on cinema? Which movie did you watch?
- Oooo dad it was great. We watched Toy Story 3. It was amazing!!
- U? Melanie? , Paul wondered.
- Yes, it was good! , I said. Suddenly my mobile rung and interrupted our “conversation”.
- Sorry, I’ll go upstairs..Uhmmm I have to answer.
- Yes, sure. Go, Paul said.
- Babyyyyy! Hi, how are you? I missed you so much, I said and my heart was beating so much.
- Mel my baby!! Ooooo I missed you so much! I wanna see you …Please come here!! , he begged me!
- You know I love you, but… I can’t! I can’t leave Jake alone!
- Ok I understand!! I love you, too!How are you? Uhmmmm..College?
- I'm fineee..O yes college! I have to think about this, too! Aaa but I think that Paul has let some application forms on my desk... Wait for a second, I said as I was walking to the desk.
- Hopefully he has let me just 3 so I don’t have many options to choose from.
- What do you think?? Dance? Writing?? As the university here in France?
- Dance?? I think that we have talked about it, Ed!
- Please promise me that you will not let your talent disappear. Do it for your mum! Please don’t let me down!
- But….
- Please, he begged me with his lovely and so soft voice.
- Ok baby! I’ll search if I’ll find something! I promise!!
- Melanie can I come into? , Paul interrupted.
- I have to leave you know, Paul is calling me !Love you!
- Love you!, he said.
- Yes, come , I said.
- Did I interrupt something? , Paul said apologetically.
- No no I was talking to a… friend. Did you want something?
- Uhmmmm yes….Actually I wanted to discuss about ... you know …. all this situation. I see that you don’t like me so much and you don’t like the thing that you are here. I’m really sorry for your mum.
- Yes, I know you are, I said ironically. You know this situation is tough for me, too! I can’t handle it. I don’t wanna be that rude to you but understand me I want my time. I really wanted the things to be better. But...
- Ok sweetie. Thank you for your time. I promise that I will rectify for all the years that I wasn’t with you. And believe that I was not responsible for that. , he said while he was submerged in his deep thoughts. Let’s change the topic… Uhmm…Tomorrow you have to go to the college. Have decided in which one will you apply to?
- Uhmmm I don’t know. Maybe to this one, I said showing with my hand the MDL(Music, Dance & Literature) University.
- You will continue your dance career, won’t you? , he said surprised.
- Yes, I guess that I will. , I said not so happy.
- I think that this is a great thought. Well done.
- Thanks...Haha... I will combine writing with dance or at least I’ll try to.
- You are amazing in everything you do, he said with his kind voice.
- How do you know?? , I wondered.
- All these years I couldn’t see you but believe me I was closer to you than you could ever imagine…. , he said.
- What…?
- Hmmmm nothing…. Goodnight sweetie. Good luck for tomorrow. I won’t see you because I have a rehearsal with my band.
- Your band??
- Yes, I’ll tell you tomorrow….
- Okeeeyyyy, good luck to you too then! Hah.
- Thanks, he said smiling at me. 

 Surprisingly that night I slept really well… no nightmares! Maybe I was happy because we cleared in some way this entire situation with Paul. I put on my jeans, my favorite printed t-shirt, my converse shoes, grabbed my bag and went downstairs.
- Good morning dad, I said surprisingly really happy.
- Good morning Melanie… Why are you so happy? , he wondered.
- Uhmmm … I think that our conversation yesterday helped me to understand that I should not blame you all the time…I mean you seem to be a good person..Hah..., I said smiling at him in a shy way.
- Hah… I promise that I’ll prove how much I care and love you even though I couldn’t show it for so many years. , he said holding my hand. 
- Ok… Well, where is Jake? Is he sleeping?
- Yes, he is so tired. I’ll let him sleep. Tomorrow we’ll go to his new school. We have an appointment with the principal.
- You should be in that rehearsal now, right?
- Yeah, but I decided to stay a little bit with you today.
- Ok thanks… well tell me about your job… You are still playing the guitar, right?
- Yes, these years I’m very busy … hah … I’m giving guitar lessons in a high- school in Los Angeles two days a week and I’m the manager of…. Robert Cullen…
- What?? Robert Cullen? You are kidding me, right?
- No, I’m his manager for the past two years.
- Wow! He is so cool, I love his music! Can I meet him one day?
- Yes, of course! But you can’t meet him these days because he is a little busy with his new album.
- Ok whenever he can!..Oh my god it’s 7:50. I have to be there at 8:15 o’clock! Oooo I’m late! Bye bye…
- Good Luck with your interview.
- Thanks dad.

 I run into my little blue car and I drove to university. Fortunately, it’s only 10 minutes away from my home. When I arrived, there were so many students and cars at the parking and all over around the building, so I was nervous for finding some place to park my car because I didn’t want to be late for my interview. I looked around and hopefully I found somewhere to park my car but suddenly a big black jeep came in my way and stole my parking place. I got furious out of my car and said:
- Hey fool, are you trying to kill me? Why are you driving so fast? You stole my parking place, I said raising the tone of my voice. He came out of his car and oh my god he was that boy that I quarreled with him. What he was doing there? And why I had to fight again with him that important day for me? He looked at me and…

{To be continued}
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