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The next day i woke up , I was so stuck in this moment ,Joey hugged me. I would never forget that time. It was so special for me. But... I had to go to school Oh no. This sweet morning. This sweet routine. I had to hurry .i was late. But I was feeling so sleepy. I got up from my bed. I put really quickly my slippers on and ran to the bathroom..I made up my self and I went straight to the kitchen .Some thing strange…I was hungry.Ha.I ate a peanut butter toast quickly and I went to dress up myself.I wore a striped dress in the colors of grey and black with a bordeaux blouse under it with half rolled up sleeves and my Converse(color grey) . I ran to catch the first hour.I was running so quickly that I feel over someone .I didn’t believe how careless I was.I asked quick-quick sorry and left .But as I was running straight to school this person I feel over him said:
- Hey , are you watching at all? Human.. Ha-ha I turned back and..I saw Justin , that boy at the concert ,the friend of Melanie.
- Ah Hi!! I am sorry. Yeah, I was a bit careless. I am late to school. That’s why. I said surprised and panting.
- Oh.Yes.Hi!You are Hermione , right?
- Yeah,You Justin?
- Yes.I am sorry.I probably didn’t watch so good too.Well, I don’t want to be late at school so.Yes.Bye
- Yeah,Bye.Sorry again.Kisses to Melanie.I said.And all of a sudden , his face hardened and he had a really angry look.I scared .
- Yes.Ok.He said with a perplexed voice.
As he was leaving he kicked the wall really angry.How mad he?Ooo.I couldn’t believe it.And I was wondering …For Melanie or something else?I stopped my thoughts .I had to hurry. Hopefully they haven’t got to class yet.Oh thank God I said to myself.Ans then Meg came :
- Hey,Herm.How are you?You spent well your “day” ?She said with a vigorous look.
- Hi!Meg .Yeah ,really great. Lovely. I said with an exciting voice.
- Oh..I am so glad.And more specifically .She asked me like she was waiting something very important.Ha.
- Well, I will explain to you later .Mrs Cynthia is coming. Come on.I said. As I was entering the class, I watched that Joey wasn’t there. He was absent. I became sad that time.But ok never mind .We cannot have our cake and eat it. Then I sat down to my desk and I put out my book of French. Ten as I was opening my book I heard Brittany talking to her friend “Hey Yesterday it was the best night ever. I spent it with my beloved boy …” :
- Hey Brittany , Silence in class ,please.Mrs Cynthia said.
- Yes.Mrs .I am so sorry. I was telling to my friend how I spent the night , yesterday. Amazing.Brit said
- Brittany, we are not interested about your yesterday night.Now silence.You can tell your news on the break.Are we clear?Mrs said.
- Yes .Ok.Brit said with an arrogant style. Oh. My nerves.Then Mrs Cynthia looked in the catalogue and asked for the absents .And as she was shouting the names she shouted Joey’s too.And that time Brit said:
- Ehhm Joey must have caught a cold after his yesterday night on the beach.My legs couldn’t stand that timeI felt so awkward . I started asking to myself “What,Why ,Is that true?” And I remembered Brittany “I spent great last night.” Oh no.And why he came with me in the concert .Why he hugged me.Why? During the lesson , I was thinking of the concert and what happened there.I couldn’t understand why he went out with Brittany.I was sure that time::”He definitely doesn’t love me” .And I had such a hope.I was thinking only myself .I didn’t know it could be different for him.Ha How stupid I am , I sighed.:
- What did you say?Meg asked.
- N-nothinbg Meg nothing.I didn’t catch this word.I said really tentatively.
- Sure?You look blushed .Meg said like he didn’t believe me.I knew she wouldn’t believe me.I am not good in on lies.
- Yes sure.I ma fine.I said lying again.
- Ok.Don’t lie to me.I know you the best.She said.
- Ok.I will tell you everything on the break.I said really relieved. 
- Ha I said I know you.Ok . See ya on the break.Ha.She said laughing quietly.I continued thinking of him.How could he do that?I was taking deep breathes to stand up on my legs.Hopefully , that time the bell rung.:
- Class quietly now, get out of the class. Mrs Cynthia said.
- Well, tell me now.Meg told me.
- Ok.Well, I went to the concert with Joey .We spent the night together. It was so sweet.And he hugged me.I thought he might..never mind.Did you hear what Brittany told in the class?
- You spent the night with Joey in a Cullen’s concert. WoW. This is awesome..Ahm(thinking)Oh yeah I did.
- So, he spent the last night with Brittany on the beach. I said .
- Oh no.He is ..suck.Meg said.
- Yes.But I am not sure.Maybe it’s my fault.I misunderstood that hug.I don’t know I thought he fell for me.But nobody does so.I said ready to cry.
- Hey, hey stop it.You won’t cry for him.He is a scrum. I was watching you too in school.You were like a couple and he seemed so love with you.I don’t understand.Meg said.
- Yeah .Me too.I will just relax and land to reality.I said really sad. I felt so lonely that time. 
- Oh come one Herm. I will be there for you. We are friends , right?
- Yes.Thanx so much Meg.What would I do without you?I said.
- I really don’t know.Ha. She said laughing and trying to make me laugh too. But it was hopeless and it seemed “fixed” .I couldn’t laugh that time. Suddenly as I was getting out of the school to go to the yard, I saw a black car arriving in the lark. That car seemed so familiar. Then Joey got out of this car really fresh and happy.Happy? Not for me..And he was coming on my way.I thought he might …:
- Hey Brit. What’s up ?Joey said to Brittany giving her a kiss on her chick.Oh no.I stayed motionless,I just thought how imagined could I was , thinking he would fall for me. I am nothing.I just turned back to my sad and lonely life.That time I couldn’t breath.I left this place.Nobody would understand my absence .Especially Joey.I ran quickly inside and I went straight to the dance class room.The only place that would calm me was that one.I went there quietly looking behind me for someone that might see me going there .I turned on the radio song 3: All yours by Metric.I started dancing.But as I was dancing I heard a noise.The door was opening by someone.But I didn’t stop . I didn’t want to.And who it was?It was Joey .He was watching me dancing.That time I stopped and I left by passing him ignoring he was there.The rest of the day at school was the same as all first days at school. Then , the bell rung and we had to leave but not me. I had to work on the cafeteria. Oh no “Wish Joey won’t have practice today..” I said to myself.I went to the cafeteria and I put the apron on .I started working , cleaning the benches and the tsbles.And as I was cleaning the table I felt a touching on my shoulder.I turned back scared.It was ..Joey.
 [To be continued]
In the role of Brittany : Julie Gonzalo
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