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[colab with ♥Manoℓitaki {Queen S.}.♥.]
Serena left the concert thinking more about Rob. In first place, she has a crush on Paul, ‘cause he’s really adorable, but now, after Rob’s demonstration of tenderness and fondness, Serena is beginning a dangerous feeling about him.

But, everything almost fall apart, when she listened Rob’s invitation for a date with Melanie, Paul’s daughter. Serena was sad, but she did not give up things easily, and decided to follow Rob's car. It was her journalist side, always there. 

He drove down the avenue and came in a nice restaurant. There was Paul and another woman, and all this looks like a business meeting. So, she decides to remain invisible until the right time to strike, and was sitting at the bar where she ordered a drink.
A few minutes later, Melanie shows up. Looks angry, very angry, but left the place after a little chat with her dad and Rob. Serena doesn’t understand anything. She took a deep breath, picked up her drink and walked seductively toward Rob.

- Hello Rob. You’ve done a great concert tonight. “Never Think” was just like a dream. Cheers!
- Hi, Serena. What you doing here? No, wait, I know… You, as a jornalist, must be willing to snoop my business meeting. There’s nothing here for you, lady.

Rob was using his mask again: arrogant, overbearing, humorless,unbearable. Serena decides to ignore all that, she choose to believe in that sweet Rob.

- You’re wrong. – She said softly. – There’s something for me here: you. I heard you inviting Melanie for a date, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with your manager’s daughter. If you change your mind, and decide to get some emotion in your life, in your boring rockstar life, call me. You already have my number, I guess. – Serena smiled; a perfect and sexy smile, and left.

Rob was stunned. Wow. What a girl! Strong, confident, hot, smart. He likes her and her attitude.
He begins to wonder about what she said. Serena was right: it’s not a good idea date Melanie. Melanie was so different of Serena… Melanie is sweeter, as if she needed protection… But she has a French boyfriend, and she’s Paul’s daughter…

But… why dangerous is more attractive?
Why he always had the predisposition to the wrong side?

Rob sighed, and came back for the business meeting, totally unfocused. He was thinking about both girls, and doesn’t know which one he should pick. His brain and his body says Serena, but something in his heart say Melanie.

Then, the trouble begins. 

[To be continued…]
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