| before you read these : these are not directed towards a certain person / a certain group of people. this is just stuff that came to mind when i was making a list of things that bothered me when roleplaying . . |

OO1. when people tag you in the same set over and over . . and over again :
i understand one time to remind me every once in a while -- actually, that's helpful when it comes to roleplaying but i don't need a reminder every five minutes. don't get me wrong, i most likely want to roleplay with you but there are times where i'm gonna be busy and don't have the time. i'm a teenage girl in high school, i have plenty of homework and a bit of a social life to deal with.

OO2. when you join a roleplay, work hard on the audition and someone gets accepted with a crummy audition that you could whip up in two seconds :
this really seems to bother me because . . well, it ruins the point of roleplaying if you ask me. i think that all roleplays should be first come / first serve OR [ preferably } best auditions for the group, not just the person that you like the most and want your person to end up with in the end.

OO3. people who join groups and never make their first sets :
this is something that really gets to me. i have /always/ wanted a long lasting group of my own, even if it only lasted for a few weeks. i want the accomplishment but it's so hard to keep roleplays active now a days. either people don't make their first sets, or they do, but never make a set again.

OO4. length of replies :
one thing that really bothers me is when i put the time and effort into writing a thick, lets say twenty line paragraph and i get back one that's three lines. it's not that hard to add some description and details. if you ask me, that's the fun of roleplaying, describing the scenery, your characters outfit for that evening, their feelings and thoughts.

OO5. god - moding :
i shouldn't even have to explain this. but i hate it when people try to control my roleplay characters by making them say / do things that i wouldn't want them to do on a regular basis. it takes the fun out of roleplaying if you ask me.

OO6. reserving characters :
i'm not gonna lie, this comes in handy a lot of the time but it can also be the most annoying thing in the entire world. when you do reserves, three fourths of the time people reserve characters and fill out their auditions like ' likes : cats, pie, drinks, ' because they don't feel the need to try because their characters have already been handed down to them. i guess what i dislike the most is the people who try to reserve characters because they don't wanna fight for their characters / are too lazy to finish their auditions.

OO7. copying :
this is pretty self explanatory, but have you ever spent like an hour on an audition / group icon / whatever and had it taken without credit? that's one of the things that i can not stand about polyvore under any circumstances at all what so ever.

| and i may or may not add more later . . |
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three comments

Wrote 4 years ago
@smileness @breebaby lol i just died at that comment cx

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
@breebaby oh my god, i hate it. they'll be like
" when he grabbed her butt, she squealed. "
and i'm like . . . . . . i didn't make him grab her butt. he doesn't even like her butt. he likes the other girls butt so go away. x0x00x.





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