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"Are you still mad?"
Rocket glared across the room at Ben, "I'm not mad."
"Yes, you are."
"I'm not," Rocket gritted out between clenched teeth, "Just because of what you're doing-
"It's not like I can help it."
You could have heard a pin drop.
Rocket swallowed, "You're abandoning the band going to travel Europe with what was their name again?"
"The Sh.t Kickers," Jordyn supplied from the kitchen counter next to me.
"Right, well Ben, this is something I would've expected from Faye-
"Hey," I objected, coughing a bit from the spliff I was smoking.
He ignored me, "But dude, you can't just check in and out whenever you feel like it. If you're out, you're out for good."
I said nothing, letting the conversation wash over me.
"Are you going to say anything?"
I blinked as the question suddenly directed at me, "What is it that I'm supposed to do?"
"Talk him into staying."
Shrugging, "He's already made his mind up."
I tuned out remembering last night.

I laughed, slightly intoxicated from the drinks Jordyn and I had gotten at the bar.
It stopped abruptly when I spotted the two packed bags on the floor.
"Ah, Faye," Ben said coming up short and looking guilty.
"What's this?"
"I wasn't expecting you back tonight," he trailed off.
I said nothing, watching him mutely.
"Listen, I've been picked up by this other band and we're going on tour tomorrow to Europe."
"Ah...so were you going to leave a sticky note at least," I asked somehow managing to keep most of the hurt out of my voice.
Even though I should be used to being jerked around like this from him. Still, it tended to keep catching me by surprise.
I was an idiot.
"The thing is, in the blink of an eye, I feel like everything was perfect, but I can't remember that feeling. And I keep trying, but I can't anymore Ben."
He reached for me, but I evaded.
"You want to leave Ben, leave. No one is stopping you. But you owe Rocket and Jordyn an explanation."
"Faye, maybe when-
"Don't say when you come back. You can't expect me to wait for you anymore, and I don't want to. If you leave this time, don't come back," I said steadily, giving him one last long measuring look.
I'm not sure what passed between us at that moment but whatever it was, passed.

"Faye, do you know what this means," Jordyn said after Ben had left the tiny apartment.
"That my taste in guys has hit a new low that I never imagined?"
Another long silence.
I sighed, "No, what does it mean?"
Jordyn sighed, "That we need a new drummer."
Rocket interrupted, "I think I have someone, he'd agree to temporary, but we'll need to find someone long term."
"Eli Brooks."
I lifted an eyebrow, drawing a blank, "Who?"
"You know Erich Brooks son?"
I shook my head, still drawing a blank on the name. Erich Brooks I knew, his kid I did not, "If he sucks you have to fire him."
"Fine," Rocket said before leaving.
After he'd gone to ask what's his face, Jordyn sat with me in silence for awhile passing the spliff back and forth between us, "You wanna talk about it?"
I exhaled slowly, "I think you have me confused with one of those sad girls who will wait for a guy to choose."
"Faye, you've been together forever."
I shrugged, "You can't live in the past. Especially when the present looks like me."
"So you're totally fine with all this," she asked disbelieving.
I laughed, "Oh, wait a sec. Am I bursting somebody's bubble here? Maybe this a bad time to tell you about the Easter Bunny."
She held her hands up, "Over it. Noted, and hello to the bitchiness. "
I sighed, it was going to be a long week. 

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