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Hi everyone :)
Me again. Long time, no see. 
I have a little time for poly this Easter to publish my drafts, but not for long before it’s back to working on final collection. I’ll try and catch up, but still got loads of competition projects do, eek! 
I hope everyone is well :)

Last week was deadline week and I was like a zombie. Must. Stay. Awake. Sleep was my favourite thing in the world. I was so stressed on my 2D assessment on Friday... and now I am really worried about my grade :( They say that it’s your portfolio that is really important, not your grade but...you still care anyhow...because...well it’s a grade! Grades matter. Ah, my pre portfolio was left in such a mess at my 2D assessment. Speaking of which, I really need to start working on that!

But on a lighter note, I got a B for my dissertation! I was so happy :’), my Uni’s librarian helped me out a lot, so thanked her in my acknowledgments :) but I envied my friend who got an A-! 

A special thanks to the @polyvore team for member spotlight :) here is the link to my interview if you haven’t seen it yet ;) - http://www.polyvore.com/member_spotlight_bittersweet89/collection?id=2351171 

I ordered some burgundy Vans yesterday from Schuh :) it’s going to be my first pair of trainers I’ve brought in a while! I hope I don’t feel guilty once I receive them…these days I always feel guilty about buying. I think burgundy Vans would look great with black and white striped jeans, like the ones in this set. 60s monochrome stripes are currently trending, I think.

I watched Dumbo for the first time the other day! It is such a sweet Disney Film. It was sad that he gets mocked for his big ears, but he shined in the end when he realised he could fly! I wondered why I didn’t watch Dumbo when I was younger!

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare is released today! But I won’t get to read it yet, sighs. Reckless by S.C Stephens was released the other day too! Another book I won’t get to read yet til I have time. Those are the two books I was most looking forward to and they are the last in series too. I did try reading a book to suppress my stress but nothing was working, so I gave up. First I tried reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King, then The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and then The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Just too much things on my mind :|

Have a nice week everyone!
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