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I love pink and red, but come valentine's day, it seems constricting to stick with red and white and pink. I chose this cantaloupe color for a few reasons. I wanted romance, and I think this painting, Flaming June, is one of the most romantic paintings ever put to canvas. Also, the vivid flame color is tempered slightly by the sweet, refreshing memory of the fruit of the cantaloupe. Yes, it's passionate, but with a fun, happy twist that appeals to me. Also I recognized the need for some major icy cool down, and these pistachio accents drawn from the painting were just the right touch. I couldn't help but think of my sister, @animalia because her house was designed around this painting once upon a time :).


Wrote two years ago
So beautiful composition, dear

Wrote two years ago
I should have known this was you! LOL I just opened up my page and saw Flaming June and "liked" it. Then I looked to see if the person named the set--and saw you made it. LOL

Wrote two years ago
so pretty!!

Wrote two years ago
soo amaizng look and colors,lovely and romantic sweetie

Wrote two years ago
beautiful!!! amazingly etherial xx!!!

Wrote two years ago
Gorgeous styling!