Name: Cara Leigh Estelle

Age: 17

Likes: High Fashion, Flirting, Attention, Brunches, Winter, Big Cities

Dislikes: Immature Boys, Arguing, Commitment 

Style: Street Chic, Mature, Classy, Trendy

Bio: Cara Leigh grew up in the large city of New York, in a large beach home, filled with emptiness. Her parents were constantly arguing, usually over money, they always had plenty though. She became the insecure, nobody in her middle school. She found her escape in one thing she loved, fashion. It never changed, sure the trends did, but style was always there. She could depend on it. She spent her time sketching hour after hour, taking sewing classes, and dreaming big. At the age of 13, her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Hollywood. She was enrolled in a elite fashion academy. She decided this school would be different, she walked in the place like she owned it, and everyone believed it. She launched her first fashion line with a small boutique at the age of 15. She befriended another beautiful blonde, Mercedes, at school, and together they began creating a second line. Everyone at school piratically worshiped her, and the designers of the high-fashion world began to respect her. She was known for being the over-achiever, flawless. But that smile hid the scars no one knew about, not even Mercedes or her mother. Scars, that would be her fuel to succeed. 

Model: Romee Strijd

Story: Cara Leigh woke up extra early, even though it was Friday. Daylight was barely streaming in her french-style window. She slowly slipped out from between the ivory silk sheet and called for Helena, their maid, to bring her vanilla coffee. She ran her french-manicured fingers through her blonde waves, while waiting. When Helena entered, she thanked her and took her coffee and sketchbook onto her balcony, this is where her inspiration came from, the beautiful sight of the beach, but what she really saw, was the Skyline of New York. She began to outline a gown, the gown that would sky-rocket her career.
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