Song: Things I Do For Love~ Game of Thrones

Chapter 2:

"There's too many of them! We have to run for it!"

"No! What about the others?"

"There is no time Romeo now run before you get us both killed!!"

The sound of swords clashing and the roar of men at war with each other filled the air as the two men ran past the vanguard and dodged arrows as well as swinging swords.

Once again, despite the insisting and pleading of both the family's advisers, the Montagues and the Capulets were once again in a never ending war with each other. This time, the Montagues had insulted one of the armsmen of the Capulets and thus this scene had insued.

The two men ran as fast as they could, without stopping, until they reached Castello D'Auro, the Montague's residence.

Both young and rapid, entered through a small wooden gate beside the estate quickly, trying their best not to be caught by the guards. They knew that they couldn't hide for long because sooner or later a runner would make his way into the manor and say what had happened, but they figured they would at least have some time to make their way to the stables and into the castle.

They never made it that far.

"Theres been a scene!! The Capulets have struck us!!"

Just as they were crossing the courtyard, a retinue of their men came striding in and a man was announcing what had happened. It did not take long for Lord Montague and his Lady to come out and make their presence known.

"What is this? What has happened?!" The Lord asked.

With a short breath the man began to speak. "It happened at the plaza. The Capulet men were there standing guard. Some began to chide us as our men approached them. One of them began insulting our most noble house and he drew his sword, thus ensuing the fight, my lord."

"Damn them! Damn them all! Imbeciles!!"

Romeo and his dear friend Benvolio stood just behind the retinue, trying their best not to be noticed. Although that was rather tricky. Romeo was a tall young man of 19. He was an intellegent, strong and courageous young man. And very handosome as well.
He took to ear what the man had said and knew inside that what he had spoken, was false. The most reasonable way the scene had began was because of his own family starting the brawl, not the Capulets. But even if he had told his father what had really occured, he would not have believed him. In his father's mind, everything was the Capulets fault.

It was a fact to him.

Suddenly, from the blue, Romeo heard the scream of his mother as she finally saw him.

"Romeo!!! My boy look at you!!"

"Damn it." he whispered as he saw the sea of men part. Benvolio could not help but smirk playfully at him. Lady Montague rushed over to his side, placing her hands at the sides of his face. 

"My poor boy... my poor boy."

Romeo smiled warmly at his mother and gathered her hands, kissing them. "I am perfectly well mama. Just a small cut on my arm and cheek, that is all."

"Benvolio! Mi amore! Look at what they've done to you as well!"

"My Lady I am well. I am in no danger anymore."

Lord Montague had a stern expression on his face, his eyes staring right into his son's.

"Romeo, come hither."

Romeo let go of his mother and walked up to his father. "Father."

Expecting his father to reproach him, he felt shocked as feeling his father's strong arms surround him in a warm embrace. "My boy... they have harmed you my son."

"It was a small brawl Father, no more."

"But they have harmed you and they must pay for this!"

"Father..." he began to protest.

"No. They have done much harm to our family and we must retaliate my son. We must!"

"How?" Benvolio spoke.

"Directly my lad. Directly. We must wage a full war upon them and kill as many as we can!"

Just then, the sound of the gates opening made everyone head turn. They all watched as a white horse trotted into the courtyard bearing the flags of the Prince of Verona, the city's ruler.

"What is this?" Lord Montague shouted.

"The rider stepped down from his steed and presented himself to Lord Montague, a grave expression on his face.

"My Lord..." he began. "I bring an announcement from his grace, The Prince of Verona."

"Then speak."

The man nodded and began. "My most noble houses of Capulet and Montague. I must inform you that I find myself in a most grieveous position following today's past events. After hearing about the most terrible incident which occured at the plaza today involving your families, I have come to a decision. The disturbances, deaths and terror you have caused the people of these two cities must not be left unpunished, no matter how high and noble your houses are. From this day forward, anyone who is involved with the houses of Capulet and Montague and cause a death in the streets of this fair city will be banished from this city and shall never be allowed to return."

The words just spoken were like a bath of cold water was being thrown on top of each and every one of those present. Lord Montague wore an expression that could kill a person.

As the messanger rode off, Lord Montague's voice was stone cold. "Leave. All of you." he said.

Romeo and Benvolio did not have to be told twice.

As they made their way inside the castle, Benvolio spoke.

"Do you think that will solve everything?"

With a weary mind and eyes, Romeo stooped, turned back towards the courtyard and to his father. His brown eyes looked down and he shook his head.

"No...not a chance."
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