YO!!!!! I was tagged by the funky fresh @kidmemphis! thx grl

The rules:
- The set must be in black & white
- Include a song you always listen to
- Include an item you have been waiting to use
- Tag me so I can see your new set and then 6 others

 idk how to add songs to sets (someone tell me...) so!!! my song is LOVE STORY BY TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!! okay you can all suck a dick this song is catchy... it was on a Merida/Hiccup fanvideo and now I can't stop listening to it.. I guess it doesn't count because it aint something I always listen to, only something I am listening to non stop today.

 And my item is that cute widdle t-shirt!

 Okay tagging time!!!

also I am totally drawing someone in this outfit
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