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Hey Polyvore :) How is everyone? I hope you're all doing great :D

So, you're probably wondering 'KayKay, why do you need tips...?' Well, I don't mean tips as in money tips...:P I need advice, ahaha. Okay, I'm a loser, welp.

Anywhos, so my stepmom said she and I could go to Toys R Us next Friday...which means...I could hopefully see him again! :') (if you have no idea what I;m babbling about, check out my previous set.) You're probably wondering why I can't go by myself....because I'm an anxious potato :)))))) Seriously, I have a hard time going to places by myself sometimes...But I will be paying for my ''''''stuff''''''' (MLP stuff, get your mind out of the gutter :'D) by myself so I can hopefully talk to him :)))

Well, here's where you guys come in. See, when it comes to flirting, I am SUPER terrible at it....and last thing I wanna do is make yet another lame joke  to him because apparently I'm lame myself :'D Someone mentioned a couple days ago to flip my hair and talk about his job...but what should I talk about? The reason I'm asking you guys is because I've never done this without embarrassing myself (Yep, don't ask, I've done it, and failed.) And I know  I could look on Google, but I know for a fact you guys have way better advice than strangers on the internet.

Oh, wait....

But seriously, you guys give great advice :D So I really need your help on what to talk to him. The reason I'm making it this early is that so I can practice what to say :) I'm a practicer. (Is that a word?) So please guys, help me out, I'll be forever grateful :) Please and Thank you :)

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Peace and Love,
KayKay <3
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Wrote 11 days ago
This is so cute ❤️❤️

Wrote one month ago

Wrote one month ago
My advice to you is- be yourself. If he doesn't like you for you now, he won't later.

Wrote one month ago
Amazing set!


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