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[Saturday, September 29]: CHALLENGE: Today is your first challenge. These are crucial to make it to the end and win your dream wedding. For today’s challenge, we want you to think long and hard about what you want the theme of your wedding to be. The bride who has the most innovative and well composed theme will be the winner of this week’s challenge. Best of luck!
►Event: You and your husband to be are both sitting down with Brielle and Bellamy to chat about your wedding theme. They will give you input and suggestions as to how you can improve your overall theme.

- - - -

theme; the elegant enchanted fairytale with a modern twist, which Sera is titling as "and they lived happily ever after..."

- - - -

"Alright, straight to the point; what's your wedding's theme?" Bellamy demanded even before taking her seat at the table that Seraphina, Ian, and now Brielle were circled around.

Ian and Sera were, of course, seated next to each other; Sera was poised and ready to discuss the details of her wedding while Ian was a little more relaxed, reclining against the back of the chair as he let his fiance` do the majority of the planning.

"Well," Sera began intertwining her fingers together as she spoke, "I hadn't really given much thought to what the wedding would be like. I mean, granted, we've had like 3 years to plan this--"

Bellamy and Brielle exchanged glances, then looked back at Sera to continued.

"Anyways, our wedding was never really our top priority...with our jobs and education and such going on. But then it just kinda occurred to me what I want."

"And that is?" Bellamy asked, urging her to continue.

"The classic fairytale wedding," Sera finished.

Brielle nodded her head in intrigue, but Bellamy pursed her lips, thinking the theme over.

"That's been done numerous times before," Bellamy said.

"No, not like this," Sera replied. "Picture this: it's a cool, fall evening. Maybe about four in the afternoon. The trees still have their color to them, but the atmosphere is crisp and calming. The ceremony will take place in a church--a beautiful, stone church like out of some renaissance fantasy. The aisles will be covered in roses the color of light pink, yellow, and creme, the smell of gardenias fill the air, and ivy and vines fall casually against the backdrop. The chandeliers of the church sparkle in the warm, romantic lighting accented by dozens of tea candles as Pachelbel's Canon in D Minor plays from a string quartet..."

Now Bellamy and Brielle seemed intrigued, although of course Bellamy didn't seem to show it.

"I'm liking this..." Brielle said, nodding her head slightly. "What else do you have in mind?"

"The reception would be held in this castle-like estate right outside of Boston--it's very English looking, in lieu of Ian's heritage. It has marbled staircases and there would be a beautiful cobblestoned driveway and perfectly manicured bushes with elegant water fountains --their trickling noise fills the air--and of course more flowers.
Half the reception would be inside and half would be outside. The tables would look like they're right out of a fairytale with fairy lights and porcelain china accented with the pink and creme and gold again. Maybe even a centerpiece of flowers and fairytale accessories such as teapots and bell jars and butterflies. There would be hanging flowers from the trees, maybe more chandeliers, and of course lanterns. 
As night begins to fall, and the sky turns that beautiful shade of magenta and purple, the party would move outside to the garden, with even more fountains and ponds and lots and lots of ivy. We'd dance the night away under the stars, illuminated by candles and lanterns and once the night settled, to celebrate our wedding, we would have everyone release lanterns into the night sky."

"I'm actually quite intrigued by this. You definitely seem to have a very exact idea about the theme, despite not really planning much," Brielle said.

"Only one thing," Bellamy added, "Instead of just a fairytale, how bout a classic fairytale?"

"What do you mean?" Sera asked, leaning on the table with intrigue.

"Like, instead of horse-drawn carriages and all that tacky stuff, how about a Rolls-Royce. Think of it as classic princess fairytale meets modern princess," she said.

Sera nodded. "Like enchanted fairytale mixed with the Royal wedding?"


"I love it! I absolutely love it. So it would be classy, elegant and modern yet vintage and whimsical at the same time."

Bellamy and Brielle smiled simultaneously. 

"Let's do it, then," Ian said at last.

"How about you, Ian, what are your opinions on the wedding?" Brielle inquired.

"I don't care what it is, as long as Sera is happy. I could marry her in a tacky Vegas wedding for all I care. But this theme? I'm actually quite fond of it--especially the English style mixed in it. I'm sure my parents would enjoy that."

Brielle chuckled and stood from her seat, with Bellamy following soon after.

"Well, I'm glad you two have this figured out. Hopefully it will become a reality. Thank you for your time," Brielle smiled at the couple.

"And thank you," Sera replied, waving the two judges off.

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@alycat; Oh thank you very much! And as for the dress, I think I'm in love with it. Maybe even almost as much as my fiance`. -- Seraphina


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