taylor swift - love story - ♥

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sasha here with yet another crappy set, hacking the gorgeous flawless emily, because well, she can. ahaha.
tbh, i'm quite proud of this set tho. i think i might like it if it doesn't shift, but then, we all know that is highly unlikely. 


i stood on the meadow, looking at the sky, shielding my eyes from the bright glare of the sun. the wind was a low, lazy breeze that barely made the hair wave around my face. i squinted harder at the mass of white fluffiness in front of me and grinned.
"hah! i found a unicorn."
my best friend was right beside me in an instant. "no way, where? show me, show me."
laughing, i pointed my finger at the cloud. "see, right there. there's the head, the horn, you see?"
she cocked his head slightly, frowning as she tried to make out the shape of the cloud. her beautiful hair fell around her shoulders, framing her face as her eyes burned with intensity, hunting for the unicorn i was trying to show her.
finally, her face broke into a huge grin. "yes, i see it! right there. wow, it's pretty."
we sat down, gazing at the clouds, picking out jumbo jets, dragon heads, nuclear explosions, peter pan & hearts in the clouds.
leaning against the bark of a huge oak tree, i realized, i felt so happy. 
my best friend was right next to me, & she'd be there for me no matter what. 
through cloud gazing & bawling like babies, we'd always stick together.
so that was why i turned my head around to look at the carving we had made on the tree a couple days ago.
it said ; sasha & emily. un-pathetic-wannabe-love-each-other-too-much buddies forever. ♥


okey, that was totally corny, aha.
idek why, felt like that oops. because i really suck at letters & well, you know.

you promised okey? & it's been like, what? three months now? i want ittt. okey? please? you've seen me too, so it's not fair. c;


lololol. i dunno.
i'm hyperrrr. you know i tend to rant all over the place when i'm hyper so i'm just going to leave this alone & get lost.
poof, into thin air.
because i'm a witch, okey?
i'm hungry tho. my with powers are incapable of producing pizzas out of nothingness, so i guess i'm not really much of a witch then, ahah. cx

but really babe, you're the best & ilysfm, & honestly i do not know what i'd do without you. ♥

okey? more than unicorns love rainbows & my little brother loves nutella. waaaay more, okey? c:


so ahah. i think this is loong enough now, so i'm just going to leave.
i hope you like the set.
& that it doesn't shift.

▬ doesn't take a genius to know that sasha's sexy butt was here on O9.1O.2O13, 11:25 pm ( as according to my computer clock, idek )
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