Name: Ronnie Grayson
Age: 18
Which land is she/he from?: Tomorrowland :D
What is his/her power?: he is a shapeshifter :3
face claim { please no sitemodels unless they are good (Voe, Aurora, etc.) } Ronnie Radke
Bio: Ronnie was a really good kid. He loved the park so much, it really was the only thing he cared about. One day when he was 16, he met a girl in the park who made him start to think about what he was doing. He started to cut class, drink, he slept around,etc. etc. Now he really wants to change, because he found out that he has terminal cancer and he wants to fix all the damage he's done before he dies.
Personality: { 6 words or 3 sentences, whichever is easier for you! } rebellious, funny, sweet, rocker, eccentric, loud
Pet Peeve: People who don't mind their own business.
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