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Just fill out this simple form in the set notes and tag me @julesislostinabigworld as well as the hashtag #BOTY1 
Youtuber: Rooster Teeth
Will you be active?: Yes!
Were you recommended by someone?: I saw this audition on @elliebonjelly's profile so, kind of?
Tag 10 Friends who would join: @pageylove @spiritstorm19094 @half-bloodprincess @singz4love @she-who-cannot-be-named @jasminator-456 @sphieejanee @orelamar @acciotardis-anons @lulurose98 @hipster-hazy @haygurrlhay @junger98 @marina-lamborinixx @kennykay9 @bxrning @ravenclawpride98 @icydolphin428 @emma-fehr @madis0nnn @takemehome-liam @nathalia-s-padilla @natjadel @glamorous-decorous @iconmakers-101
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