I shoved the final pieces of clothing in my bag, I turned and saw Will standing at the door. He smiled and I ran towards him and hugged him tight.
"You're free." I finally said as I loosened my hold on him.
"Yes, the truth is out there, my name is cleared. You ready?" he answered.
"Yep." I smiled and slipped my hand into his. We walked along the corridors, there were so many memories here but it was time to leave Harbour. As we walked out of the gates, I looked back at the gothic building. It was strange, the place was filled with corruption and danger but it was the nearest thing I had had to family. Now I looked out to the future, somewhere that was uncertain.


Rose Hunter and William Montgomery were inseparable till Ros's death, aged 23. Ros and Will had moved to London, and moved into Samee's house, which Samee left to Ros. Ros and Will still kept in contact with V, Gwen and Missy, they often visitied. Ros and Will were the perfect couple, happy, but Ros couldn't leave her parting, wild ways behind, she continued to take drugs and her addictions began to ruin her life. She went to college and for a while everyone thought Ros would change and make the most of her life. She applied to uni but was so high the day of the interviews she was not accepted. She began working as a temp but soon she was fired and this led to a succession of jobs all ending in her being sacked. Will was always supportive, he did finish college and went to uni, and embarked on a degree in Mathematics, he finished with a 1st degree. Will was never one to dabble in drink and drugs and disapproved of Ros's habits, he always worried that she wouldn't live past 25, sadly he was right. 
Ros died of a drug overdose when she was just 23, she was found by Will when he arrived home from work, she was dead on the kitchen floor, she had overdosed on heroin. Will was broken hearted, he struggled for years with depression but finally he began to realise that though Ros was crazy and that her life was unhealthy she had left a legacy. She cared about people, she loved to live for the moment no matter what that meant, her life was short but she enjoyed every moment. Ros always believed that you only live the time that you need, that people learn their lessons in life, then die. Will re-married, when he was 28, to a lady called Emma, he lived to have children and grand children; he never forgot Ros.
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