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  • House Of Intuition Bath Bag
    House Of Intuition Bath Bag
    House Of Intuition Bath Bag House of Intuition blended up thoughtful mixtures of minerals + herbs for rejuvenating baths that are easy as making a cup of tea! Bath soaks date back thousands of years, using blended salts to relieve sore muscles + joints while potent flowers + herbs renew the mind + spirit with aromatherapy. To use, Place 1 oz. (one third of bag) in included tea sachet (or any tea sachet that is approximately 3. 5"W X 5"H), steep in a warm bath or hang in the shower to release the aroma with steam. Or, steep in a large pot of warm water, let cool completely and pour overhead. Comes with 3 single use sachets. Blends- Clarity: Cool, tingly herbs with potent energizing properties- Moonlight: Calming + balancing florals for peace of mind Content + Care- Moonlight ingredients: Ultra Epson salt, Himalayan sea salt, organic jasmine flowers, organic raspberry leaf, organic lavender- Clarity ingredients: Ultra Epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, organic pink roses, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint- Made in the USASize- 3 oz Shipping- Only available for delivery within the United States.
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