Rosendahl - Grand Cru Water Glasses
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  • Williams-Sonoma Reserve Grand Cru Wine Glasses, Set of 2
    Since 1956, innovation, quality and craftsmanship have been part of the Williams-Sonoma legacy. We're proud to bring you these elegant Grand Cru glasses from our signature stemware collection, designed in-house in collaboration with expert sommeliers, winemakers and chefs. Each piece is masterfully mouth-blown of clear, lead-free glass with a unique bowl shape designed specifically to bring out the complexities of the world’s finest red wines—your most-prized vintages or long-cellared bottles. Designed by William-Sonoma and handcrafted exclusively for us by master glass blowers. Best for showcasing your most exceptional red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Barolo, Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz and Priorat. Flared bowl rim directs the flow of wine to the front of the palate, so you can savor a red wine’s balance of fruit and acidity. Long, slender stems are comfortable to hold. Perfect for formal entertaining and durable enough for everyday use. Dishwasher safe. Set of two.
  • Holmegaard Future Glass Set Blue + Green
    In 2000, Peter Svarrer came up with his answer to the water glass of the future. That glass was Future. A uniquely designed drinking glass with a shape and color choice that are perfectly in tune with today's mode of expression - a whole decade later. Future is also a reflection of Peter Svarrer's way of thinking that utility items should brighten up everyday life. Each glass is mouthblown. Set includes one Blue Glass and one Green Glass.
  • Artland Veritas Water Glass
    Features: Veritas collection. Lead-free crystal construction. Designed to enhance the flavors of today's most popular varietals. Lead removed from the manufacturing process. Stronger and break resistant glassware. These glasses are individually formed and crafted by hand. Slight imperfections and texture variations are marks of the handcrafted process which enhance the unique characteristics of each glass. Capacity: 16 oz. Set of 4 water glasses. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 2.25lbs.
  • Holmegaard Future Glass Lavender + Aquamarine
    In 2000, Peter Svarrer came up with his answer to the water glass of the future. That glass was Future. A uniquely designed drinking glass with a shape and color choice that are perfectly in tune with today's mode of expression - a whole decade later. Future is also a reflection of Peter Svarrer's way of thinking that utility items should brighten up everyday life. Each glass is mouthblown. Set includes one Aquamarine Glass and one Lavender Glass.
  • iittala Aino Aalto 7.75 Oz. Water Glass
    Features: Includes 2 glass. Aino Aalto collection. Mouth blown glass. Dishwasher safe. Capacity: 7.75 Oz. Dimensions: Overall: 3.5" H x 2.75" W x 2.75" D. Overall Product Weight: 0.43lbs.
  • The Cellar Glassware Set of 4 Premium Grand Cru Glasses
    Perfectly formed for the finest of wines, this set of four Grand Cru glasses are ideal for any social function. French for "great growth," the name refers to the reputation of the vineyard from which the wine came.
  • Crate & Barrel Jasper Champagne Glass
    Graceful champagne glass tapers to squared-off base, creating a distinctive "V" where bowl meets stem. Crystalline glass sparkles with the all the clarity of crystal yet without the lead.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Vacuum Cup
    The favourite hot drink will accompany you while you are travelling thanks to the Rosendahl Grand Cru vacuum cup. The practical vacuum cup out of brushed steel transforms the Coffee to Go into a design product. The Rosendahl Grand Cru vacuum cup keeps its content hot and the outside dry. The design cup from Erik Bagger is equipped with the proven and practical pressure-button function by Rosendahl, which opens and closes the cup with a button. The cup is absolutely leak-proof when it is closed and it is easy to drink out of it thanks to the click-lid. Rosendahl produces the grand Cru vacuum cup out of double-walled stainless steel, which ensures optimal insulation, high hygiene standards and exclusive design- The insulated cup out of steel is a great gift for every coffee enthusiast and for all of those that like hot drinks outside. To be cleaned, Grand Cru can easily be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Swirl Cobalt Balloon Glasses, Set of 4
    Mikasa's Swirl Cobalt stemware adds a touch of fun and color to any decor and they're great for gift giving and entertaining. Made of colored glass, each piece features a hand applied swirl design that fades up the bowl of the glass. Coordinates beautifully with Swirl dinnerware collections. These balloon glasses will give your wines a perfect presentation. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended. Set of 4 balloon glasses, each holds 23-1/2 ounces.
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  • Wine Enthusiast Fusion Classic Champagne Flute
    As Featured on HGTV! The world's most break-resistant wine glasses! Super-strong, lightweight magnesium is fused with brilliant European crystal to form the most durable wine glasses in the world. Fusion stemware withstands the wear and tear of everyday use and never dulls or clouds. Varietal-specific, Fusion stems are scientifically shaped to enhance the best qualities of your wine. Lead-free and machine-made. Dishwasher safe. Features: Material: Glass. Lead-free and machine-made. Dishwasher safe. Capacity: 8 oz. Fusion Classic collection. 10 Years limited warranty. Dimensions: Overall: 9" H x 1.75" W x 1.75" D. Overall Product Weight: 1.75lbs.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Bordeaux Glass
    The Grand Cru collection by Rosendahl offers an elegant and long-lasting basis for the kitchen and is very easy to combine with several crockery and cutlery sets. The collection Grand Cru was created by the famous Danish designer Erik Bagger. Whether the first date or a cozy evening with your sweetheart. You rarely enjoy a good glass of wine on your own. That is the reason why Rosendahl offers the wine glasses of the Grand Cru collecton in a set of 2. The simple but very elegant design adjusts itself to several events and surroundings, equally, whether festive or casual occasions, modern or classic ambience. And because of spending time together with your sweetheart or friends is far too valuable, the Grand Cru Bordeaux Glasses are dishwasher safe, so you don't have to waste precious time by doing the dishes.
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  • Fferrone Design Revolution Wine & Water Glass - Set of 2
    Ever versatile whether serving wine and water, cocktails or hot tea. Strikingly simple in form, the Revolution Collection is created from a pure extrusion of hand-blown glass, combining two glasses into one. When in use, its contents appear to float, seeming to defy gravity. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers made from the finest quality Borosilicate Glass, providing thermal resistance for a range of hot and cold applications. The collection is oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.
  • Riedel Sommeliers Champagne Flute
    Riedel's premier collection, the Sommeliers line, includes an impressive assortment of crystal glasses, each developed by expert tasters to flatter a specific type of fine wine or liquor. This glass is designed to showcase fine Champagne, including Cuvée Prestige, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine and Rosé Champagne. This sparkling crystal glass is individually crafted by master artisans who perform every step of the glassmaking process by hand. Large fluted bowl provides ample breathing space, which concentrates the yeasty bouquet and brings out the full range of aromas. Narrow mouth directs the flow of liquid to areas of the palate that best recognize the creamy texture. To preserve the Champagne's effervescence, each flute has a tiny dot etched into the base of its bowl, generating a continuous stream of bubbles. Hand made at the Riedel family's own glassworks in Austria, where artisans have been crafting exquisite glassware since 1756.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Soft Hot Drink Glass
    The Hot Drink Glass of the Grand Cru Soft collection is ideally suitable for coffee, tea, Irish coffee or other hot drinks. The glasses are made of reinforced glass have an elegant design and they perfectly suit the rest of the collection from Rosendahl. The Grand Cru Soft collection of the Danish manufacturer Rosendahl is the re-edition of the famous Grand Cru collection. Soft, curved variations of the classic, distinctive Grand Cru products are in this collection. The feminine touch of the products of the Grand Cru Soft collection fills the tables and cupboards of design enthusiasts with soft shapes and pleasant curves. The Hot Drink glasses are delivered in an elegant gift-wrapping with two glasses each in each package. The glasses of Rosendahl are made of reinforced lead-free glass with a handle. They are dishwasher safe and resist temperatures of 50-55°C.
  • iittala Kartio 13 oz. Glass
    This glass needs little introduction. If you think you recognize it, it's because you do. Kartio is the archetypal image of a glass. Durable enough for everyday use, the Kartio range features glasses, carafes and bowls all in several pure glass shades. The simple shapes fit beautifully with iittala's Teema dinnerware, but as classic water classes they complement any table setting with timeless elegance. Features: Kartio collection. Pressed glass. Dishwasher safe. Capacity: 13 oz. Dimensions: Overall: 4.75" H x 3" W x 3" D. Overall Product Weight: 0.76lbs.
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  • Barmaster's Hurricane Glasses, Set of 4
    The Mikasa® BarMaster's collection offers beautifully crafted glasses perfect for gift-giving and enhancing the entertaining experience. These strikingly clear and reflective glasses are constructed of of high-quality, lead-free glass. Dishwasher safe. Set of 4 Hurricane Glasses, each holds 18 ounce.
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  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Dessert Wine Glass
    The Grand Cru collection by manufacturer Rosendahl offers an elegant and long-lasting basis for the kitchen and is very easy to combine with several crockery and cutlery sets. The collection Grand Cru was created by the famous Danish designer Erik Bagger. Something sweet for the those with a sweet tooth. This wine glass is at least as smooth as its drink itself. With its capacity of 23 cl, the Grand Cru Dessert Wine Glass is as large as a conventional champagne glass. In this way, it is an ideal filigreed addition, for example, for dessert without appearing oppressive. Just like all of the other parts of the Gran Cru collection, the Dessert Wine Glass is manufactured of high quality materials. This way, not even in the slightest the dishwasher is able to harm the Grand Cru Dessert Wine Glass.
  • Expressions Fluted Champagne Glasses, Set of 4
    Expressions glassware features stylish, unique cuts, making a beautiful statement on your table. Each piece in this set of 4 has a distinctive design, so each of your guests can easily identify their glass without the need for wine charms. Dishwasher safe - top rack. To preserve the bubbles in your favorite champagne or sparkling wine, you need tall flutes like these. These stylish glasses make the perfect accent to your table and to toasting at celebrations. Set of 4 fluted champagne glasses, each holds 8 ounce.
  • Riedel Sommeliers wine glass - Chianti Classico/Zinfandel
    A revolutionary collection where function dictates form, Sommeliers, first introduced in 1973, was the perfect exemplification of Prof. Claus J. Riedel's pioneering grape varietal specific stemware innovation. Initially designed to bring out the bouquet of cherry and bitter almonds of Chanti red wine, this glass was later confirmed by British journalist Stuart Pigott that it is equally well-suited for Riesling white wine, as its narrow rim delivers the wonderfully rich peach aromas with intensity.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Set 1 l Vacuum Jug + 2 Hot Drink Glasses
    The Grand Cru Set including the Vacuum Jug 1 l and the 2 Hot Drink Glasses are modern classic pieces to enter your home. The qualities of design, material and function come together in this set. The Grand Cru Vacuum Jug made by the Danish manufacturer Rosendahl is characterized by the four grooves at the base, like all the other products of the Grand Cru collection. The Grand Cru Set with the Vacuum Jug and the 2 Hot Drink Glasses can also be ordered painted in a decent, matt black colour or made of polished stainless steel. The stainless steel edition emerged in the event of the 20 th anniversary of the Grand Cru collection and it adds a hint of elegance and gloss to the ambience it is in, while the black edition adapts to its environment decently. Elegant Rosendahl Grand Cru Vacuum Jug A real classic design piece is characterized by the fact of being used every day during a long long time without being obtrusive but still present all over the time. Moreover the functionality must be exceptional – which is the case with the Grand Cru Vacuum Jug from Rosendahl, transforming it into a modern classic, which grants design quality and flawless function and becomes an indispensable product for everyday life at home. The Vacuum Jug from Rosendahl doesn’t only convince with its elegant appearance but as well with its functionality: It is portable, keeps drinks hot and cold. The button of the Grand Cru Vacuum Jug makes it easier to open it and it allows serving drinks easier as well. Set with Hot Drink Glasses The set also includes two Hot Drink Glasses together with the Vacuum Jug. The glasses also have the typical grooves at their sides. Rosendahl produces the Grand Cru glasses out of lead-free glass and equips them with the decorative grooves of stainless see. The Hot Drink Glasses are erfectly suitable for your morning coffee, a comfortable moment with a Café latte, a warm chocolate cup or a relaxing tea.
  • Longchamp Glassware Set of 4 Diamax Cordial Glasses
    Add effortless style to your tabletop with Longchamp's set of four cordial glasses. The delicate diamond pattern at the bottom of the glass lends an extra touch of sparkle! Diamax glass.
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  • Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Juice Glass, Set of 4
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