Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for the fact that the sun rises every day and gives us the chance for new adventures. I'm thankful for my family and my friends who love me unconditionally, and I'm thankful for who I am and what kind of person I am becoming.

What are you thankful for this year? Comment below, please!

I woke up to snow on Saturday morning! It was absolutely lovely! It is a perfect time for that weather to roll in! My home is all decorated for Christmas, and I couldn't be happier!

I also think it is time for another honesty hour! I'm sorry this is so short, but hey, it's an Honesy Hour! I tag: @fionapie , @indieloverr , @fairlyoddkitten , @misssophie , and @ezster ! Have fun!

1: Boy or girl? 

I am a girl.

2: Current crush!? 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hands down.

3: Addiction? 

Shopping, movies, Trader Joe's cookies..

4: How tall am I? 

5 feet exactly, I stopped growing a long, long time ago.

5: Relationship status? 


6: Girls I trust? 

My mother

7: Boys I trust? 


9: Current mood? 

Tired but happy.

10: how many followers? 

A lot.

11: Confession; 

This is so tough because you guys know a whole lot about me already...hmmm...I will confess that I put two heaping spoonfuls of Nutella on strawberry ice cream. How's that for gossip? ;)

12: Who I miss? 


13: Who I last hugged? 

My mom

14: Who understands me? 

My family, Chris, Mariah, and a couple of family friends.

15: Someone who is always there for me: 

See previous question...

16: Last Text? 

My mom - we were saying good night.

17: someone you cry to? 

See the answer to question 14.

18: Who makes me laugh the most? 

My family and Chris.

19: Who I do the craziest stuff with? 

Probably Chris...he likes to break me out of my shell.

20: Who makes me smile? 

See the answer to question 14.

21: What am i listening to? 

The mix CD Chris made me for my birthday - I love it!

22: Turn on’s? 

He has to have a sense of humor that he's aware of but at the same time he's just funny, he has to be passionate in whatever he does and put his all into everything, he has to be an individual, is a rock but is the sweetest when no one is looking, and I like tall guys. ;)

23: Turn offs? 

Egocentric guys bug me as well as guys who lie, manipulate, make destructive decisions, believe in gossip as well as spread it, and are control freaks - they can have a life outside of the relationship but you cannot. 

24. Bestfriends? 

See the answer to question 14.

26: Second confession? 

Grrrr...okay, I confess that I have never been in a real, real relationship. (I doubt any of you got this far, and if you did, comment. ;) )

27: What I hate? 

Liars, people who are mean to kids on purpose, vanilla ice cream, horror movies, and being cooped up.

28: Last person to give you butterflies? 

hahahahahahahaha I'm not answering this one.. just incase he is reading.. ;)

Anyways, I spent the long weekend watching movie after movie! I had absolutely nothing to do! It felt wonderful! ...Well, at first I didn't quite know what to do with myself, but then I got so much done that I have wanted to for ages! I went through and cleaned my whole closet, for example! That was the fastest I had ever gone through it! :)

Chris was in all week this week, and we had a nice week! I miss him so much! I have another month until I get to see him again - FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS OR MORE! So I think I can handle a little bit of patience. Work will make the time pass faster.

I went with a big group to see "Lincoln" on Saturday. It was magnificent. Daniel Day Lewis is totally winning an Oscar. I would say Sally Field will as well, but I think she has some competition with Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, coming out in December, which I cannot wait for!

I also FINALLY saw Perks this weekend! Being my favorite book since...forever...the movie did not fail to disappoint! I have a new favorite movie!



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