another tryout set;)

name: marissa savaso
age: seventeen
looks: mischa barton (I want to change to Rose Huntington-Whiteley? Please? Is that okay?)
bio: you could say marissa is the leader of the almost populars, and she's the closest to making it to a plastic. you'd think this would thrill her, but marissa has never been all that interested in climbing the social ranks. her mother came from nothing, and just happend to marry one of the richest men in Pennsylvania, ever since then she's been obsessive over being one of rosewood's finest, and most elite. marissa never wanted that, and is comfortable just being herself. if that's true, then how did she become a popular? marissa doesn't even know. it was most likely her charisma though. she's just naturally funny, pretty, and fun to be around. first class, plastic material. her mother couldn't be more excited, she put Marissa through ten years of pageant contests, forced her to try acting (where she appeared on barney, sesame street, and Disney playhouse as a child) and even made her flirt with wealthy business men in order for her father to get into business with them. Marissa is not proud of any of this, and began to rebel against her mother. but somehow her mother keeps getting into Marissa's life, and controlling it.
portrayed by: me, hopefully. ?

Top Three Choices:

The populars.
Ugh, even the hearing the word just makes me want to gag. Leader of the almost populars...gag fest.
That's what they normally call me, the Leader of AP. But, I just don't really understands whats so cool about being cool? I mean, I just don't see any logical explanation. I was thinking this morning, why am I almost so popular? Is it my money? My looks? My family? My background? My style? It can't be. There has to be more to popularity, right?
Not right.
That's what I found out later this morning, but I'm just dreading it so much I can't even type it.
I used to be a pageant girl, every little girl's dream. Not for me, though. I hated every single plastic-smile minute of it. If I could go back and undo something from my life, that would be it. But why? Because not only was I a "pageant girl", but I was basically my parents' "puppet". Sometimes I wonder why they named me Marissa when my real reputation was a puppet. Do this, do that, wear this, wear that. Don't do this, stop doing that. Ugh! I'm seventeen, shouldn't I get a say in this?
Yes, I should.
So, I tried staying away from the parents, but that's like trying to get the latest Prada shoes two weeks after they're on sale. Not going to happen. You can't avoid my parents--oh, and by parents, I mean mom. My mother is a freak who has only one desire for me--to make her even richer and even more famous.
Ugh, it's even worse what I had to do to for business men, at least for while. I'm so out of that now.
I'm starting new...or at least, I'm going to try.
But....I'm going to need some friends to help me get started.


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Wrote 6 years ago
this is adorable!!!!!!!!<3

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
ahh i love the set!-yes its okay (:

Wrote 6 years ago
So cute I love it :)



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