6.17; diagon alley.
it's almost the start of the school year at hogwarts, though this one isn't looking to splendid with dumbledore dead. though it seems as if most wizards and witches are taking a trip down to diagon alley.

I looked at my watch for the eleventh time. I had been sitting at the leaky cauldron's table for forty five minutes already. Great, my "friends" had stood me up once again. I rolled my eyes, and left a few coins to pay the two butterbeers I and the cauldron cake I had eaten.

Then, I went out through the backdoor to start my beginning of term shopping all by myself. It was always the same: I made plans to go to diagon alley with my Ravenclaw peers, and then no one had the time to show up, or the decency to let me know. 

After getting everything I needed from Flourish and Blotts, the Apothecary, and Madam Malkins', I started to get bored. I wandered with no particular destination for a few minutes, wondering what to do next,- my parents wouldn't pick me up for about another hour. Suddenly, I came to a little alley that gave me the answer. 

As I read the sign leading the way to Knockturn Alley, I wondered whether it was a good idea to get in there or not. But then again, I knew that it was perhaps one of the few chances I would get to roam around the place; my friends would certainly think I was crazy and prevent me from going there, and it wasn't like i could tell my parents I was curious. So I decided to give it a shot.

As I walked into the alley, I spotted Cypria Altair, from Slytherin, coming towards me and out of the alley. She raised an eyebrow when she looked at me. 

"Are you sure you wanna go in there?" 

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Dunno," she said, shrugging. "I always thought of you as more of the 'stay out of trouble' type." 

I rolled my eyes at her. Everyone thought that of me. 

"Well, do as you wish," Cypria told me. "But I'd be careful if I were you..." 

"Yeah, yeah," I mumbled. "See you at school." 

I kept walking, thinking of how tired I was of people telling me to stay out of trouble. All my life, I had done nothing but be a good girl, but these days trouble seemed like fun. I shrugged as I thought that maybe being careful wasn't such a bad idea after all. Just a peek, I thought. 

I got into the first shop I reached, which showcased what looked like real human skulls, some painted in black, gold and silver, and some with precious stone embellishment. 

Inside the shop, I ran into Millicent de'Freitas, another Slytherin who raised her eyebrows at the sight of me. 

"What the hell are /you/ doing here?" she said, but her tone was kind of amused. 

"What? Are you shocked to see a goody-two-shoes inside... this shop?" I frowned, and crossed my arms, defensively

"A little impressed, actually. What are you looking for, exactly?" She demanded putting her hands on her hips. 

"I'm just looking for something to do"

A mischievous smile crossed Millicent's face. "Want to come to a fun place with me? They have better stuff than these guys." 

I shrugged. Just a peak. "Sure." 

{blah, it's finally here. couldn't think of any other thing to write... }

if you don't like it, I can change it :)
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Wrote three years ago
you can include millicent

Wrote three years ago
feel free to include cypria! :]

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