ROUND 1 - How You Met

'It could be the last day of autumn so sunny and warm so enjoy it' Ryan said to George who in response waved his tail and cheerfully run into a pile of leaves.

George was a dog and Ryan was his "daddy".

The two of them were walking in the park surrounded by colorful leaves falling of trees. The place was full of people - elders who sat on benches and chatted and young and beautiful people in their 20's and 30's jogging with earphones plugged into their ears. 

Ryan wasn't in a hurry so he slowly walked while his hairy pal was running crazily and chasing after terrified squirrel.
The male had time to look around and enjoy views. He mostly focused on nature - or at least he tried to - but it was people who caught the most of his attention. From the distance he started observing a young girl completely immersed into a book. She was so motionless that a squirrel sat next to her and tried to steal food that was possibly hidden in her bag.

Ryan smiled at the sight and would continue glancing at the girl and the squirrel if George wouldn't have noticed something interesting under a bench the girl was sitting on.

The dog rushed there and a tiny woof! came from the pile of leaves. The girl alarmed by the sound quickly put the book away and grabbed something from the pile. That something turned to be small chihuahua growling at the bigger dog.

Ryan rushed there like a knight in a shining armour - or at least he saw himself in that role - to save damsel in distress and her little dog.

"He doesn't bite." Ryan said petting his dog on the head; George indeed wasn't biting, rather cheerfully jumping around and trying to reach chihuahua tightly hugged by his owner. "So don't worry about your puppy."
"I'm more worried about your dog because Batman bites. And doesn't like other dogs" She said in a very serious way.
"Batman...?" Ryan laughed; the thought of 30 times smaller dog than George hurting him was ridiculous, just as the name of tiny animal.
"Yes, Batman." The girl proudly petted her dog. "And I bet your dog has more stupid name, like George or Ryan."
"It's George. The dog. I'm Ryan."

The both of them stayed in silence for few second before they laughed.
"Since I'm Ryan and my dog is George, does that mean you're Batgirl?"
"I'm Joanna, nice to meet yo- oh, s.hit" the sudden blow of wind opened the book and made few loosen pages fly around.

Joanna and Ryan started chasing them. When they managed to grab all pages, they sat on the bench exhausted.
"I hate running." She said.
"Me too."

The only sound they made was breathing heavily. And it was the only sound they heard - no barking or growling.

Joanna looked worriedly around - she had put her dog down in order to chase after flying pages.

But the dog wasn't in danger - or wasn't a danger to other dogs. He was playing with George.

"It seems Batman likes some dog." Ryan smiled." We can't waste that. I guess, we don't have much choice but to meet again."
"For our babies." She said and quickly realized how it sounded. " I meant our dogs."
"Yep, for our babies." Ryan nodded. 

50 items limit -.-

and only 13% of battery [don't die my dear laptop!] so I guess I'll finish this dog lovers story here:P

I hope, dear reader, you enjoyed it:)
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Wrote three years ago
Very creative, great set!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
^.^ love it!!

Wrote three years ago
The story is really cute! ^.^Amazing set!


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1st place in group contest: ROUND 1 - How You Met

1st place in group contest: ROUND 1 - How You Met

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