(*) Text telling me what region you’re from +5
(*) A picture of the region you’re from +1
(*) All six of your main team [six Pokemon, three must coordinate with the team you’re in (for example, if you’re on team water three must be water type pokemon] +10
(*) A picture representing a hobby your OC has +5
(*) A picture of a person [preferably your OC] +2
(*) An outfit your OC would wear +10
(*) Some sort of landscape +1
(*) A color scheme +1

(*) What’s your color scheme? +5

Pastel pinks, blues, and dark purple for contrast.

(*) What is the OC’s hobby shown in the set? +5

Grace enjoys journaling. She plans to journal throughout her adventures.

(*) What region are you from? +5


(*) What six Pokemon are on your main team and what type(s) are they? +5

1.) Starter: Snivy- grass type
2.) Mr. Mime- Psychic Type
3.) Medicham- Psychic/fighting types
4.) Espeon- Psychic type
5.) Alakazam- Psychic type
6.) Gardevoir- Psychic/Fairy type


Story (optional, again. PM me if you complete the story after submitting to the contest.):
+5 for every point hit, +1-25 more for length and originality
(*) What region are you from?
(*) Do you like that region?
(*) What starter did you pick?
(*) What hobby do you have and why do you like it / elaborate on it?

Grace woke up excitied. The day she was finally having the chance to go on a real journey to collect the Unova gym badges was here. She loved Unova, and had been waiting for the chance to finally explore it in its entirety. 

Grinning, Grace grabbed her journal off of the nightstand, quickly jotting down her feelings of the morning. There was nothing more exciting than getting to finally pick her starter pokemon. 

She remembered Professor Juniper telling her all about the different pokemon. Grace could only remember one clearly. Snivy. The little grass type pokemon that had the look of battle ready. She had picked Snivy in her mind, and she was excited to finally having him join her team. 

She dressed quickly, grabbing her backpack, already packed the night before, and left the house. Her mother was already leaving for work as she passed, waving goodbye. 

She had been a trainer, and now she was a pokemon photographer. She had left Grace her Alakazam, who had become her best friend after the time spent together. Now she was finally getting a pokemon all her own. 

She raced to Professor Juniper's lab, entering with a grin. The professor was already standing at the stand that held the starter type balls. Inside were three pokemon, waiting for someone to come along and pick them as their companion. 

Professor Juniper pointed to each and spoke of which was which, but before she could finish, Grace already had her hands on the ball containing Snivy. 

The professor laughed loudly, "good choice. He's all yours now. Take good care of him." 

Grace nodded, allowing Snivy to come out of the pokeball he lived in and be free. Together, they left professor Juniper's lab and headed towards their new adventure.
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Wrote 20 days ago



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