Row 1: Six things I love
1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The Wolrd
2. Weezer
3. Jason Schwartzman (particularly his movies, his music, his attractive Jewishness, etc.)
4. Movies
5. Shopping (esp. at the stores whose logos appear in this)
6. Sanrio, because I liked Hello Kitty before any of you losers did

Row 2: Six movies I love
1. Alice In Wonderland (1951)
2. Juno
3. Scott Pilgrim
4. Marie Antoinette
5. Rushmore (or any Wes Anderson really0
6. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Row 3: Six foods I love
1. Pasta
2. Cupcakes
3. Burgers
4. Waffle Fries
5. Tacos
6. Candy

Row 4: Six clothing items I own (and love)
1. Those shoes. I wear them almost every day
2. That FOTC shirt but in a girl cut
3. That Scott Pilgrim shirt
4. My red skinny jeans
5. The socks from my Paulie Bleeker costume for Halloween 2009
6. My red hoodie

Row 5: Crushes
1. Jason Schwartzman
2. Luke Wilson
3. Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell (both from Weezer)
4. Michael Cera
5. Zachary Levi
6. Paul Rudd

Row 6: Six things I hate
1. Twilight/R-Patz
2. Jay Leno
3. Megan Fox
4. Justin Bieber, or at least how obsessive his fans are. Same goes for Twilight I guess.
5. Aerosmith. I'm scared of Steven Tyler. He is an ugly creeper man.
6. Jonas Brothers, but I can tolerate them more because JoBro mania is in the decline
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