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Park Jongsuk (24) - a good kid but kind of lost in world; gave up having any dreams knowing there is already a golden path for him build by his parents; with only two month left until graduation from University and stepping into his father's company, he tries to use his "freedom" as much as he can - which usually makes him a j.erk chasing after girls.

Yoon Bora (23) - a university student; dreams of being filmmaker but doesn't have money to go to film school; instead she studies major that doesn't interest her but gives secure job. Seems tough and confident but that's just mask to deal with world.

Bam Bam (15) - a son of landlord of the building Jongsuk and Bora rents flats in; a friend of Bora - both like to pretend that they are neighborhood thugs. Has a crush on Bora.

Mr. Kim (45) - one of the neighbors; kind, wise, friendly. Everyone trusts him, especially Jongsuk who sees him as both friend and mentor; no one knows he was actually hired by Park's family to keep an eye on their son, and is going to become his secretary in the future.

Kim Dasom (22) - Jongsuk's "fiancée"; daughter of CEO of one of the biggest entertainment companies.
Lee ChiHoon (24) - Jongsuk's best friend; from the family of lawyers.

Narrator's POV

"I wonder why are you using a train when you could just fly back home your private jet!" ChiHoon asked as the two of them, with many other students, were crowding in one of the carriages while going back to Seoul from spring trip.
"I like trains" Jongsuk shrugged his shoulders and looked through the window at passing views.
"Then you can always take a train and I'll use your private jet. Private jets don't like just standing closed in airdock all day long" ChiHoon mumbled to himself making his friend smile. 

When it become quieter between boys - when ChiHoon focused on reading new manga and Jongsuk was enjoying views over window - the seats taken by group of female students become more loud, or rather just more audible. Without even noticing, Jongsuk started listening to them.

"....don't be ridiculous, you can't do anything without money!" The voice 'A' said.
"You don't have to remind me of that." The voice 'B' answered bitterly. "But there's nothing that can stop me this time - I'm telling you - I'm going to enter this competition, win and become famous."
The other girls laughed. "And how are you going to do it? You lost last time because the quality was too poor. You need better equipment this time."
Jongsuk could imagine girl 'B' nodding her head with determination. " I'm going to get it. "She said. "I'll just find myself sponsor."
"Oh, that's easy. I'll just dress up as a maid and go work to mansion of one of those rich chaebols, seduce one of them and get his money."
"Gold digger!" The girls laughed.
"Yes, I'm gold digger, what's wrong about that?"

Jongsuk, intrigued, raised above his seat and looked back at the girls; he smirked to himself at the sight of 'the gold digger' one - he had seen a lot of girls who wanted nothing more than just his family's money and she doesn't look like any of them; she was tomboy-ish, looked like if she didn't had any manners, and was simply ugly. She wasn't either sweet-but-poor -who-needs-help-and-protection type of girl neither well-pretending-to-be-one-of-the-rich type. She wasn't in the league of chaebols' girlfriends in any way.
'Good luck with seducing chaebols!' Jongsuk thought sarcastically and sat back in his seat.

At the platform he saw group of the girls with 'A' and 'B-gold-digger' among them; they wanted to go eat something but 'B' said she unfortunately have to help her mother in restaurant. 'How typical', Jongsuk thought 'all those poor girls have to help their parents in their jobs with low income'.

"Just don't tell me you're going to take a bus home." ChiHoon draw his attention.
"Just imagine faces of my neighbors if they saw me driving one of my cars." He laughed.
"I really don't get it while you live in that poor district. I'll give you a ride then, I can't stand thought of my friend taking a bus!"

When Jongsuk entered the gray building where his flat was located he had bad feelings. On his way upstairs to one of two flats located on the last floor, using stairs as the elevator was broken, he met Mr. Kim.
"Young friend, be prepared for surprise."
"Yes?" Jongsuk raised his eyebrows.
"A beautiful woman visited your place two days ago; I bet she was your mother."
"Oh, no..."
"I'll better go upstairs with you. I don't want you to faint and bump your head on the floor." Mr. Kim tried to joked but he couldn't make the boy less nervous. Visit of his mother meant only trouble. He wonder how she learnt where he was living, he had never gave her exact address - and she was okay with that as long as he visited her at Parks Mansion at least once a week.
He took deep breath. "Let's go, Mr. Kim."

He opened this his small flat to see what happened - it wasn't that small any longer. The wall between his and next door flat disappeared. The interior also changed.
"I was fine with sleeping on that old sofa." He mumbled to himself at the sight of big bed in one of the corners.
"I bet she was worried about your spine; comfortable bed is important for health."
"I guess." The boy said and sat on the bed looking in the space that was previously covered with wall. "I thought someone was living there though I see him maybe few times."
"Your mother apparently bought both flats and changed them into one. You should be happy, not all the kids your age has that much space just for them. You can buy billiards table or some sport equipment and place it there."
"Knowing my mother she already did that."
"She did all of that for your good."
"I know, I know." Jongsuk nodded. He wasn't hiding from Mr.Kim his true identity. "It's just...tiring. It was my place, furnished by me. I feel that I can't make any decision by myself. I have to wear what she wants; eat what she wants and live the way she wants."
Mr. Kim friendly patted the boy on shoulder. "Soon you will discover your own path. Very soon, my boy..." Before Jongsuk could ask any questions, Mr.Kim walked to the exit. "You must be tired after that 3 days trip, you should get some rest." And he sent him one of mysterious smiles.

Sometimes Jongsuk felt that Mr. Kim must have been some Master Yoda or someone like that in his previous life. But he listened to his advice, and after taking quick shower buried himself in soft covers of his new bed.

Bora heavily walked upstairs to her place; from the distance in the dim light of hall you could mistaken her either with drunk beggar or zombie. There was nothing more tiring for her than working as waitress during day her family restaurant was holding some parties - with all those drunk "uncles' trying to flirt with her. She hardly prevented herself from spitting on stair at the thought of the uncles but she didn't wanted to make BamBam clean it in the morning.

She banged the wall loudly; 
'What the f-?' She thought. 'Here was my door...'
She sight. Maybe she was too tired to find her own door; maybe she was drunk from just smell of alcohol that filled the restaurant. She finally found the door and opened it with some problems, as if the key wasn't exactly matching; but that was happening often in that building so she didn't find it in any way suspicious.

"Sleep" she moaned like a zombie and walked to the place where her bed was; she didn't need light she knew her place perfectly.

When she felt on the bed - she landed on the floor. 
'Seriously, WTF??' She massaged her knee that painful hit the floor. In the faint moonlight she noticed the bed standing in the other corner.
'I wasn't here three days and the place looks twice as big as it was.'

She decided to worry about it tomorrow; at that moment she desperately needed sleep and knew she would collapse any moment on the floor. 

She walked to the bed and quickly took of the pair of jeans and throw it anywhere; she did the same with her bra, deciding that world won't end if she would go to sleep in t-shirt and panties she was wearing all day.

The next morning Jongsuk woke up with strange feeling. When he opened his eyes he saw darkness. For a tiny moment the thought of becoming blind crossed his mind - but it was ridiculous enough that he quickly reached to his face and discovered a piece of clothing being on his eyes. He raised it up and stared at it for few moments before he realized it was a women bra. 

"What is this doing in my bed? I don't remember inviting anyone yesterday..?" He started thinking, still holding the bra. The thought that maybe his mother turned this place into love nest she was using when he wasn't there sounded ridiculous - but who knows?

Suddenly he heard snoring; he lifted himself on elbows on looked on the right side of bed to see a sleeping girl there. She was sleeping on her belly, with wet mark near her lips - which was nothing else than saliva; she was stinking alcohol and grilled meat- and he knew one thing for sure - he definitely wouldn't invite her to his bed.
"Yah, beggar!" He addressed her, trying to wake her up. As it didn't work, he decided to shake her shoulders. "Isn't she going to wake up?"
He wasn't going to wait any longer; he slapped her loudly in her b.utt; telling himself he would have to wash his hands after that.

But it worked. She glared at her - and that glare of puffed eyes was scarier than anything he saw. He quickly jumped of the bed, out of the girl's reach.

"I don't have classes today and you dare to wake me up!" She said and sat on the bed. "And what are you doing in my flat, waving my bra and slapping my b.utt, you little pervert from room 116?"
Jongsuk quickly throw the bra at the bed and crossed his arms on chest. "This is actually my bed and my flat, you unknown stalker."
"I'm girl from flat number 117."
"In 117 was living a shaggy looking boy."
"You really must have something with eyes since you can tell girl from a boy, and number 116 from 117. And now get lost."
"This is my place."
"My. Even though in daylight it looks quite different." The girl got up from the bed and started walking around. She stepped in part which used to be flat number 117. "Shouldn't here be a wall?" She said realizing her apartment wasn't existing any longer. "Where are my things?"
Jongsuk shook his head. "I don't know."
"We should go and see landlord." She stormed out of the apartment. 
Jongsuk quickly grabbed some clothes out of his closet and put them on. "You should dress too!" He shouted after her.

Jongsuk and Bora were sitting on two ends of old green sofa in landlord's apartment. In front of them was young boy who couldn't took his eyes off Bora's bare legs and t-shirt that wasn't reveling much but enough to realize she didn't had bra on - and that was enough for the young boy's imagination.

"Oh stop it." Jongsuk couldn't stand the boy; he took off his cardigan and covered girl next to him. "Look at me when I'm talking to you. Where is your dad?"
"He will be back in few minutes." BamBam, the boy, answered. "And h-y-u-n-g , since you hurt noona you're going to suffer, I can promise you."

When the situation was explained; Bora went back to used-to-be-her flat, with Jongsuk following her.
"Okay, so apparently the landlord SOLD the flat I was renting but still he should first give me some notice about it. That's why I'm going to STAY here until I find myself new place and you have to PAY me for my things that your mother apparently throw out."
"Okay." Jongsuk agreed.
"What? You agree that easily?" 
"Yep; it's partially my fault you're homeless now, even though it seems to suit your style. So I'm taking responsibility for it. "
"Fine. And now excuse me, I have to take shower."

When the girl disappeared in the bathroom, Jongsuk lied on the bed and started thinking;
he realized he saw her at the train; she was the gold digger.

And he was looking for someone like her; he was looking for last girlfriend for the last two months - someone who he could hang out with and do other stuff, and then break up. He needed someone tough who won't become emotionally attached to him; after all he already had a fiancée. 
And Bora seemed perfect. Jongsuk smirked to himself. "She seems like if she doesn't care much about love."

Bora was sitting in a bathtub and allowing warm water to relax her body. She bite her lip.
'Am I really going to live with handsome number 116 - Jongsuk is his name - in one flat?'

'Why, why I was so embarrassing this morning. How can I face him now -?' She allowed her head to follow her body and slowly slip under water.

'Yoon Bora you are one big embarrassment that's why you can't find a boyfriend!' She scolded herself and stuck her head over water to take deep breath. 'Bora, focus on your dream; focus on winning that film contest, leave boys /love/ for later.'

'But how can I since he is so handsome...?'

Okay, Jongsuk seems like bad guy but he is spoiled brat :P
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Wrote two years ago
hahaha hilarious! I liked this story a lot! can't wait for more... and more... hahaha! awesome set too <3

Wrote two years ago
you always have such a good ideas! it was really funny and i can't wait for the next one ^^

Wrote two years ago
Great set!

Wrote two years ago
So cute layout and outfit <3



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