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What's that over that fence? A green, neatly cut grass; colorful flowers and trees growing in regular shapes like in French garden. And if you follow that path up you can see a mansion; not ordinary Korean house but big white building with large windows - all of them shining like gold thanks to lighten up chandeliers.

That world there - world of rich, world of "royals" - can be overwhelming, can be dangerous, but aren't we curious to step there? To fall there like Alice to rabbit's hole and see what is hiding there?

Let's follow that path that only expensive cars or designers shoes use - with the exception of shadow-like gardeners, maids, security guards - who sometimes take part in the story of rich but usually remains invisible.

Through that big window we can glance at dining room; with marbles, mahogany, and gold; with fireplace and long table; with sculptures and paintings; but the interior is not our interest - it's the people sitting around the table who are the ones we want to see. The Royal Parks; "The Royal Company" belongs to them - when you go to Royal Hotel, Royal Shopping Mall - or even Royal Kingdom, one of the biggest amusement parks there - it all belongs to that family.
The one with grayish hair is Park Seo Joon, the head of family. He is usually busy with his company, and it's the ladies on his both sides who actually rule there. The elderly one is Seo Joon's mother, Park Se Yeon. She comes from chaebol family and doesn't know word 'poor'. She would consider allowing her soon to marry non-chaebol girl the only mistake she has made in her life - if not the handsome grandsons sitting on the other side of table. The heirs of Park's fortune. She wants for them what a chaebol (grand-)mother usually wants: good marriage with daughters from other chaebols families and a lot of success in running their family company. But is this what they want?

Let's move to the other lady, Park Jiyoon. You could describe her with one word- "mother". All she every wanted was to have a lot of kids and to raise them - and that what she has been doing. But after having only sons deep inside Jiyoon dreams of daughter; beautiful and kind daughter-in-law. She is very caring mother - often overprotective - and rather traditionalist. Unfortunately she is naive and often stays under grandma SeYeon's influance.

Among the boys - Park brothers - one chair is left empty. It's a place left for "hyung" - the oldest brother who ran away 5 years ago; since then no one mentions his name in presence of Park parents; no one wants to make Jiyoon cry and Seo Joon angry. The younger brothers are frustrated too - if Hyung was with them he would take position of CEO after their father, would be married and now probably had kids - which would allow them to have more freedom. 

That smiling boy who keeps talking - and making his grandmother frown angrily, as she thinks it's not polite to speak with full mouth - is Park Jongsuk, now 24. He is about to finish studies and join his father in the company; he looks cheerful but inside he's very scared of growing up and would do everything to freeze time and stay student forever.

His mother was very afraid he would run away too; that's why she let him rent apartment in poorer district and do whatever he wants to enjoy his time as student. But it doesn't mean she stays completely out of his life - one of his neighbors, Mr. Kim is hired to have an eye on him. And also there's grandmother who already picked girl for him. 
The other boys are Jongsuk's younger brothers - mischievous twins being among them. Next to them maknae who is treated by their mother as if he was still a little boy.

The dinner is finished; we should step out now, leave them alone. But we don't want, we are too curious. After all, is there something more interesting than rich people's dramas.

There's nothing new but I wanted to write something like that before writing my story which will focus more on my characters;

generally I leave a lot of freedom for you; if you want to be inspired be The Heirs, Gossip Girl or anything, it's okay; also if you have any suggestions, I'm open for them:)

I bet there's going to be a lot of secondary characters - like other chaebol families, friends, and so on, so here's collection with characters - I'll try to update it every time you add someone:)

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