Gods and Goddesses meet vampires. what happens if the great gods and goddesses were all cursed and turned into blood sucking creatures of the dark, but were still gods and goddesses too? Here is what happened, the Greek gods went to war with the Titans and bad things happened. The all powerful Titans cursed the Greek as blood suckers of the night, and forced them out of their home in Olympus. Now they are forced to live in a large mansion/castle in the middle of England where they have to learn to live with the curse. They will be forced to kill the human's they protected, on order to live and have to get along with each other. All the while, while trying to find a way to take back their home and break the curse. Note it love can and will happen between the gods, goddesses and maybe the humans. Hearts will be broken, and death can and might occur. Are you up for it? 

1. good idea?
2. would you join?
3. would you be active?
4. please tag 3 people :)

@maddi-is-on-the-run (I know your busy and not doing groups, but can you help find people?)

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Wrote three years ago
Love it! This would be the first group I join, for sure :)

Wrote three years ago
@vintage-with-grease @maialikesfood @avadakedavra934 @my-wounds-got-stiched-with-music Group is up! :)

Wrote three years ago
Okay. c:

Wrote three years ago
I will make the group tomorrow :-)


Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

Teenagers on Polyvore is a group for teenagers (obviously). :D There are constant contests, encompassing fashion, art, different themes, etc. Enter your sets and have a fun time! That's what this group is all about. ♥
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~ Contests are judged fairly by the moderators. Sets are chosen because we believe they should win. All entries are looked at when judging.
~ PM .Elizabeth. (samariee! is not on Polyvore anymore) if you have any questions or concerns.

Private Rp's

Private Rp's

Just a place to put our private rp sets :))

rσlєplαч gσddєssєs♥

rσlєplαч gσddєssєs♥

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