"What happened?" Bev asked as everyone was still watching Louise and Agyness after Louise suddenly slapped her, to be honest i didn't know what was happening but i was sure as hell pleased. " Agyness finally got what she deserved" i said, smiling.
I cringed at how quickly Agyness got over it, the baby i mean, not the slap. She was out partying like nothing had happened, it made me a bit curious and i was going to find out about it all. 
I left pretty early from the party {shocking, huh?} so i'd be home before Agyness. When she finally stumblled through the door at around 3am she was seriously drunk, probably even more drunk than i usually get. "What are you still doing up?" she slurred, " just having a drink" i said holding up my glass, purposely trying to sound friendly. "want one?" i asked. She sat down and i got her a glass of vodka but i slipped something that works a little like a truth drug into it, it was only fair, she drugged Louise and Will so i should be allowed to drug her. She took a couple of sips, still looking at me arkwardly because i was acting so nice to her. once the drugs kicked in she began spilling anything, she hardly stopped talking to breathe and i didn't get a word in the whole "conversation" so i never got to find the truth about the baby but she began talking about the Vegas trip and why she drugged Louise and Will and got them married to each other, i couldn't beleive it but i tried to keep a straight face incase she suddenly realises what she's saying. This all fitted perfectly for me! the next step of my plan involes blackmailing Louise and Will into getting Agyness reowned, i shouldn't be to difficult scince will and Agyness are family. -Mirabella
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