Intro Set for Wanda
Revolution Rising

Name: Wanda Maximoff
Alias: Scarlet Witch
Age: 24
Species: Human Mutant
Powers: Probability manipulation, reality alteration, chaos magic, flight
Personality: shy with strangers, easy going with others heroes, flirty when she needs to, unselfish, reflective, curious, shrewd, don't want to be noticed, frightened of her powers, mean
Likes: helping other people, her brother Pietro, her father Magneto, working alone, reading instead of sleeping, black clothings, her hair (maybe the one of the few things that she loves about herself), having the general view of the situation, loyalty, S.H.I.E.L.D., trying new things & culture 
Dislikes: being fooled, her father Magneto, playing with people's emotions, loosing control of herself (and of her powers), pink flowers, doing plans that don't come true, violence when it's not needed, chihuahas & being associated to her father


It seems like we're going to spend time together again.


I pasted the relationships she had a year ago, but feel free to change it in anyway you'd like. 

In her future Wanda could probably be disgusted by the corruption of SHIELD and maybe join again the Brotherhood with Magneto. Maybe.


☆Pre-exisitng Relationships:
-Pietro Maximoff
 aka: Quicksilver [brother]

-Erik Lensherr
aka: Magneto [father]

☆Love Interest:
-Peter Parker
 aka: Spiderman

☆Closest friends

-Crystalia Amaquelin
 aka: Crystal

-Jennifer Walters
 aka: She-Hulk

-Sue Storm
aka: Invisible Woman

-Peter Quill
aka: Starlord

-Peggy Carter
aka: Agent Carter

-James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes
 aka: The Winter Soldier

-Sharon Carter
 aka: Agent 13

 aka: The Enchantress

-Bobbi Morse
 aka: Mockingbird

-Maria Hill

-Bambi Long
aka: Gamora

-Jessica "Jess" Jones
aka: Jewel

-Ororo Monroe
aka: Storm

-Kyle Richmond
 aka: Nighthawk

-Skye Sumers

-Jessica Drew
aka: Spiderwoman
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