Ruby Alice Everly Lawrence

- Name; Ruby Alice Everly Lawrence
- Age; 16
- Hometown; Kent, England.
- Appearance; Ruby is tall, 5'8 and she takes care of her figure, she is pretty and has natural blond curls that cascade down her back.
Personality; Ruby is nice, kind, generous, on the outside, she can be a bit of a snob and would advise anyone to not get on her bad side, she gets what she wants when she wants and has a short temper that she is working on at the minute.
- Biography; Ruby grew up in a large house in Kent England, it was situated by the sea and she loved it, her Father works as a barrister in London while her Mother works also in London in fashion. Ruby lives with her Grandparents Rosalie and Edward (Yes. Twilight names.. What ever...) and she doesn't see her parents as often as she wishes. She has been an only child for ten years. When she was six, her older brother, named after her grandfather, Edward died tragically of lung cancer at the young age of 11. Ruby was home schooled till now, her Grandparents always knew all she wanted to do was socialize because she had never had a proper friend. She is single - for also same reasons, being home schooled held you back from a lot of things. Ruby enjoyed horse riding, after her brother died her Father thought it would be best if the family took up some sort of hobby to take their minds off things so Ruby started horse riding, being rich was a positive thing as she was then allowed to own a horse of her own, she now owns 3 horses, Polka, Ivy and Daisy. She doesn't do professional horse riding but Kent being a 'fieldy' place she rides them in a large field near her house that breaks into a forest near the end.
- Clique choice; A-Listers
- Would you like to be considered into an invite clique and what one?; Elites or Queen Bees ;)
- Other; Ruby is too young to drive, she owns an iPhone 5 and a pug that she decided to leave in Kent with her grandparents. She loves to play guitar.
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