WednesdayѼ Party in a yacht! Ethan's very own company, Benton Hollow's Sailing Company, is having a party in one of their luxurious yachts. Bring a swimsuit -and get ready to have fun!
" we really have to go to this?" I asked, trying on a swimsuit in my bedroom. 

"huh? Oh, yes." she said, her eyes tearing away from the bedspread. She was smiling though, not distracted anymore. 'That looks nice."

"it's old...I never go swimming." I say then put my clothes back on. Anya was already ready, and was the only friend I'd invited back to the farmhouse so far. But it was nice i suppose, being able to go to a party with a friend.

When we arrived, it seemed drama was already stirring. April was here, with that boy she was supposedly dating, already at the bar. 

I wanted to avoid that as much as possible, so I headed for Lia. It was safe with the other survivors, or so I thought. 

" look nice." I say hugging her and looking around, being the only one with clothes still on. 

"Where's the swimsuit?" she asks, pulling at my clothes gently, laughing.

I bite my lip then, unsure, and take off my dress. 'Better?" 

"Yes!" she says and I hear a friendly whistle.

"You look HOT!" Clem teases, hugging me and kissing my cheeks. She looked hot. 

I blushed a little at my thoughts. 'You look amazing yourself!" 

"I know.' she shrugged laughing "I haven't seen you in forever. You didn't stop by the store this week."

We talk like this for a bit and I feel my breath taken away, but did she feel the same? 

Finally, I make my way over to Carys, having used to be good friends with her till i took a hiatus from town because of the accident. 

"Wow...Carys. You look amazing. And happy. We haven't caught up!" I start to say smiling when lila comes up. She was a nice girl, and I wanted to say hello, but with April here, I was worried of the drama. 

We made some small talk and did catch up, which was nice. But then, of course, the drama came.

"Ruby? Is that you?" Came the drunken voice, slurring already. I turned, and April had something in her mouth. She came up, wrapping an arm around my shoulders tightly and pushing her hip out to shove Lila away. "I thought you were exhiled. What happened?" She laughed, a little too much. 

Lila fought, and lost the battle, a frown. "Hush, April. That's not polite." she says, scolding despire herself.

April scowls then laughs. "And who the are you to stop me?"

Lila immediately cringed and started to reply when I pulled away. 'It was great to see you all. I must find anya though and get going." I say nodding at them all. Drama might still happen, but at least I managed to pull away.
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